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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We are on the verge of great changes on this planet of ours. There is a certain static in the air that you can feel when you tune in. So many variables, too many to count almost. People must understand that fear only exists in the mind, nothing more. When fear is used to keep people in a constant state of "go" wondering what is lurking around every corner the consciousness is manipulated and toxicity takes over.

As I type this we are told by those who are supposed to know best we are facing unprecedented crisis from those who sit in their ivory towers. The Economy, Swine Flu Pandemic, Climate Change, War, loss of liberty and freedom, the list goes on... We have focused as a society almost strictly on the material aspect and for the most part completely disregarded the spiritual aspect of life. From the outside looking in we have degenerated for the most part into beings who seem not to care of their divine origins, consumed with self loathing and pity for this carnival of insanity that has been sold and packaged in the past 100 years alone. This is something we should have learned from the ancients, but we disregard. The more we become dependent on technology we appear to lose the connection we once had to nature, to the stars and to each other.

As the answer to almost everything is more technology, printing more money out of thin air, vaccines for everyone generating billions for certain companies, and on and on a quote from Einstein comes to mind "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." If only those who claim to know best, the so called leaders we look to for answers understood this basic concept.

Within a few short years, we will see an all out assault in this war on consciousness by those in power, pushing for more laws and taxation that impede the free will of others, we will see an increase in war and events across the board giving these so called leaders the justification to implement what they deem necessary. There will also be many earth changes continuing to take place. It is all an illusion, a scam, an evil that must be opposed, as peaceful as possible. The war is on consciousness, to erode the spiritual nature of things, to implement in the physical world control over things which we have no control. To enslave and to manipulate. We must rise like the phoenix from the great slumber this civilization appears to be deep in. Those who are aware must reclaim their power and become who they are meant to be.

Change must happen from within, via consciousness, awareness. The time is now to listen to your intuition, to seek within for the answers, to realize truth, realize our connection to the All. Only then can true change take place on a much larger scale.

It is time to rewrite history, to rewrite truth, to make reality known once again.

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