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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It is by a strict code of conduct that the initiate must adhere to. All things being governed by universal / natural laws leave no room for attempting to pick and choose what laws are useful and which ones can be ignored. The ALL is ONE and so must be the path if results are expected to be manifested and remain a constant state. The seeker of truth and light must do everything within his will to defeat darkness, fear, greed as soon as it may arise in the mind. It is a great power to be open to the natural order of all things and to the flow of creative energy this awareness allows access to. Mere personal gain alone or purely self gratification without the benefit of the all will result in very short lived experience of the Laws that govern all things. The intention and unwavering will to experience and to manifest for personal prosperity and that of all those involved in one way or another from the action must be True.

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