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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity in ALL Things

In the mind, to manifest abundance in the physical, the state of being must be held as one of having already attained or acquired the "goal". Balance, must be achieved on the many levels of being. One of the many laws which must be obeyed is that of the Law of Compensation and Exchange. This ensures that all involved benefit, that a mutual level of happiness comes from the interaction. When this law is followed, in accordance with the Esoteric laws & Knowledge then the outcome will result in a "positive" way. This is a very simplistic way of putting it.

There must be no place for greed, corruption, fear or doubt to be allowed to resonate for any extended period of time within the consciousness. When these arise in the mind they should be eradicated immediately. These are diseases of the soul. These seek to lower the vibration into the carnal desires. The Enlightened being seeks Light and this light will shine from the heart and overtime and growth defeat darkness where ever it may rise from.

When this state of mind is a state of constant being it then vibrates on a higher level awareness that recognizes the interconnectedness within all things. It connects to the unity or collective consciousness of the ALL, direct to the source of all things. When this Light illuminated the human consciousness it is capable of many things. Manifesting into this reality opportunities to grow as individuals on all levels of experience, especially the physical reality we find ourselves in. When the individual consciousness rises this causes a ripple in the shared world view & collective consciousness which causes it to shift.

We are Capable of more than most may ever know, and those who do, or are figuring out realize that when the ALL is striving to resonate towards vibrations or frequency of the Natural order of things, then we draw to us exactly what we need, in full abundance and prosperity on all Levels. Success is the only option. Failure is only a lesson to remind us that way did not work. Repeating lessons learned is ignorance of the Law, and Ignorance is a Choice.

Applying ourselves through attaining enlightenment / higher consciousness and revealing the illusions in place is the birthright of every human being. It is this personal responsibility and proper use of the gifts and knowledge at our disposal that are the meanings of life. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, we must awaken and cast off all that seeks to imprison the mind in illusion.

Manifest DESTINY


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