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Sunday, October 02, 2011

It is up to Humanity now to realize the potential within. To raise the consciousness, of the individual & the collective to that of Love. To the harmonic natural order of things. To realize the interconnectedness of all things, to co create in that reality and manifest Compassion, Peace, Truth, Justice, Liberty, Equality, and the highest virtues capable. To manifest abundance and prosperity for all. To heal the environmental destruction. To end all Wars. To end Greed, Corruption, and to rise above the lower carnal nature of man kind. That path is unsustainable and must be changed before it is too late, it is our choice. It is time to Evolve, to realize we are Divine Spiritual Beings collectively experiencing the physical and together as ONE we can share the knowledge, wisdom and peace that is our birthright, the goal of true enlightenment.

We must act now. Wake up. Become who we are meant to be.


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