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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

June 1, 2009 - By : Michael Eggleston

We all have the ability to see beyond this material world, a "sixth sense" locked away under the layers of the mind. Our 3rd eye, the forgotten sense, the 6th Chakra. Some are completely aware and pretty much always have been, but keep it quiet do to the reaction of others, the labels...people think you're crazy, confused, and some out right fear it. All due to mis-info about these abilities that are completely NATURAL and how in modern society we are taught from a young age that they are figments of the overactive imagination.

Through all outlets of media, society and so forth you can see reminders, little pieces to the puzzle that these things are real. Now with the awakening of consciousness taking place, it is becoming more accepted. There are of course the countless "Miss Cleo's", people who claim to have certain abilities and many others in it only to make their $ MONEY $ , personal gain above all else...that is the materialistic, greed trait we humans have so eloquently developed in place of our natural, illuminating gifts. Most who are truly tuned in don't talk about it very openly, and are very dedicated to doing what needs to be done to help ensure this planet and the shift in consciousness that is occurring go as planned.

Then there are those of us who know that it is much deeper than anything science, and thus far the failed attempts and dogmas of organized religion has offered as a means, a "logical" way to explain and or connect to the divine source of knowledge and being. It is a clarification of what all spiritual and religious teachings are attempting to illustrate. It is a doorway and the keys to unlock the answers that we have been searching for all our lives, our entire existence as a species. The connection to the other side that we come into this plane of existence with, that through conditioning is kept asleep. There are always those who have been awake and known, but reaching the main population and the countless preconceived thoughts and ideas associated with it, is another step all together. In this modern day of "intellectual" thinkers, Dogma and Superstition, Skeptics are around each corner without being opened minded enough to entertain the ideas... Thankfully, with so much finding its way into the mainstream it is becoming accepted more, people begin to question what they are told, though like everything still has its opponents who wish to keep the paradigm from shifting.

Being tapped in, opens the airwaves, it allows us to transmit communications, the dreams, channeling, visions, intuition and knowledge from the physical plane to the higher planes and vice versa. Consciousness is evolving, expanding awareness of so many and humanity is heading in the direction of what we originally intended when we incarnated into the physical realim. To Live free, ONE with the universe, nature and each other. We have always had this. Now its time to reactivate it. Its been dumbed down and manipulated for a reason.

The reason, is to keep control, think about it, if everyone becomes AWARE that this is in fact a spiritual, the ONLY reality, then out the door with the wars, the greed over material objects and money, the hatred, the indifference of nations, of an entire world. That means no profits of exploiting people, the earth, products and every day commodities that everyone needs to survive. It validates that we are all ONE and that no life is worth more than any other. That with the technology we have , if used properly for the good of all will benefit humanity and nature the way its supposed to be. And in turn would allow us to turn around from the current path we are on as a species.

Meditate, Experience, take a look around and truly see the world as it is and not this illusion accepted as "reality". Learn how to access what our minds are capable of and what every religion attempts to emulate, only not in the form of man, who created religion , but in the sense that we are all connected, through the same energy flowing through the entire universe. The collective consciousness that is all life and energy. Philosophical, Metaphysical. Spiritual. Reality.

Peace and Light

"When we accept the truth that knowledge is infinite then we can accept that the journey is eternal, we can transcend all barriers and walls , as our consciousness continues to expand to encompass the entire universe we can grasp the big picture, that everything is connected and that the truths we take for granted are in fact unique , each in their own way"

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