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Monday, December 30, 2013

This has been a year of crystallization in so many ways, both on an individual & collective level. That which no longer serves us, old belief systems & dogmas, relationships, "jobs", attachments of many kinds were shed in 2013. 

2014, as far as a made up number to keep track of time , which really doesn't exist, is going to be EPIC, next level, its time to take things super nova, and its all possible because you think it to be, you will it to be. And so it is. 

Consciousness is the catalyst of ALL Things, the observer and the object being observed are dependent upon the other. There is no separation, ALL is in the ALL and The ALL is in ALL. 
Create with every breath. Not merely believing it but CREATING it, by right feeling and thinking, the Logos, the Word, Projected by thought and will, the heart and third eye as ONE. Projected and made manifest reality. This stone that transmutes the leaden nature into golden being. 

Blessings. So mote it be. ONE with all that is.


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