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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have come to realize that even when we attempt to hold the best interests of others in mind during the entire process we are able to give energy away to those who in one way or another will resent, fear, reject or misuse what they do not understand from a higher level than the mere physical, or what they are not ready to accept. Even when we attempt to give everything, selflessly to others we are opening ourselves up to the complete polar opposite experiences if we do not recognize certain things then we are to learn our lessons the hard way. We make ourselves vulnerable which is as open as we can be with anything or anyone. But it is ALL still worth it, even our flaws, our ignorance when reacting with the same energy we are facing. Fighting Fire with Fire does not win so this is where we learn forgiveness.

We are each held to a cosmic level of full personal responsibility most are not even aware of,  for every thought and word we allow to manifest. This is the Karma we create and are now experiencing again in this lifetime....we are here to learn the Lessons this time around and stop repeating them over and over expecting different results. Human emotions are a wild thing indeed. When we lose sight of what we know to be true, when we are confronted with strong material / physical energies that manifest because of Fear it can be heavy enough and our Ego finally fights back (and the higher self is forced to take a back seat) because it doesn't know what else to do but to fight to stay where it feels safe. We repeat these lessons until we are clear of them and no longer react to what is nothing more than energy expressing itself in the only way it knows how through this human vessel. But it all comes down to 2 things. Love or Fear. Everything stems from these 2 things. I have finally learned my lesson. Now I surrender with a clear conscience - that which will be , already is.....

Forgiveness & true unconditional love and compassion are the only things that allow us to move forward. This doesn't mean you have to forget, because if you forget then you will only repeat the lesson again. But Blame and guilt have no place. As Buddha said - Pain is inevitable, suffering is not - we chose to suffer, it is self inflicted. Life is too short to worry about the things or people that you can not change. Instead BE the change yourself and if something isnt working then learn the lesson from it and move forward. Learn the lesson and move on. You can only do so much before you allow yourself to reciprocate the fear energy and become the same.When you look into your heart, free from ego and connect that FEELING to the thought / intuition via the Minds EYE, true thought ; then vision becomes clear and you know the answer to all things. It is love. It is forgiveness. It is peace.

Life today in this modern world is a constant bombardment of distractions and fear. Most are so hopelessly asleep even in the face of utter bewilderment that they have no real sense of anything higher than their 5 physical senses. It is extremely hard in this day and age to not get sucked into some aspects of the fear energy that grips the collective consciousness. Even greater the challenge to keep pushing the envelope. Learn the final hard lessons we are here to learn and move forward towards the ultimate goal of life, soul consciousness, enlightenment, the great work, whatever label one wishes to call it....

Love. Forgiveness. LIVE life the way it is meant to be. Do what is required of us on a higher level than the mere personal war of Egos we see and experience every day in the land of make believe we find ourselves in.

So mote it be.

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