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Thursday, November 08, 2012

The bottom line is a spiritual / consciousness issue. We have 7 billion people on this planet, maybe 5% are aware of things on a consciousness level about why and what we are here for. The few that do know have worked very hard to keep truth buried under years of manipulation and concealment of information. While others work quietly to preserve the knowledge and do the work needed to let the light in through the cracks and illuminate the living word.   

The rest have become a product of the system, stripped of their connection to Nature & to what we call God. The masses have been Programmed to believe in illusions, desensitized to the chaos of humanity by the media, "entertainment" and political system and led to believe this is all because of human nature, "just the way things are" and slated to accept it as reality when in truth the Chaos is by design, to keep that fear ruling the majority of the peoples lives. Personal freedoms have been turned into political issues and political issues used against the people even when they think they are being helped. The system is rigged and most cant even see the chains that bind them to the merely material and have no real sense of the spiritual other than what has been pounded into their heads by the Dogma and hypocrisy of the organized religious and political systems where the insane are in charge. 

The things we fear have been in place for years, D / R its all the same - bought and paid for....
NO FEAR, only Love, Only Truth, Equality for ALL, no illusions, no compliance with a system in place for 1 reason - CONTROL, D / R its all the same agenda, just used for divide and conquer, to keep the masses ignorant and business as usual for those who seek a vested interest in sitting on their thrones to feel important. - on that note, no more wasting any energy or thoughts upon the illusion that is politics.

A system is only needed when we are unable to govern our own lives by personal responsibility, no fear and no need for greed or control. The system we have now is by design, this is why we have chaos because we are living under illusion. Human nature is not a valid reason, human nature as we know it is a programmed result, a product , an excuse to convince others "this is just the way things are", it is not human nature to destroy, it is human nature to be in alignment with the natural order of all things, but we have become separated from that by design. There is nothing natural about the way we are living as a collective and again, this is all by design. This will only change as more and more people see the system for what it is, a prison confining us only to the material world without regard for the spiritual and for each other or the planet we think we own. We are only temporarily visiting this place, and to work, and sell products and to "make a living" is not the reason we manifested into this reality as souls. This is the current system, this is the matrix considered real by most but is not reality. Why do we need leaders? Because we have been as a society conditioned that we are not capable of leading our own lives. We need no leaders, only lead by example, only to do what is right and just and in order with the natural laws of creation. The fucked up part to that is the only reason this current system has manifested the way it has is because those who understand consciousness have manipulated things, but they are still creating according to law, even if that means creating illusion. 

The sad thing is that it requires a vote to legalize Nature yet no vote at all to destroy it, no vote to market poisoned food to the masses , suppress cures for diseases and profit by "treating" sickness and disease with more poison because the big money guys cant patent Nature....I believe Jefferson said along the lines, that if a law is unjust and immoral then we have the duty to disobey such laws, especially when these laws are in place only to Control and manipulate the consciousness of the planet and all our brothers and sisters.

The only way to change the system is to be aware and then to create from an individual level. We will not convince anyone of anything they are not ready to accept, we will not change the current system by adhering to that system. thus if we are aware of the Esoteric laws, of how consciousness works we must do the work we are here to do as individuals and push the envelope to flood this toxic consciousness we must operate in with love, light and truth. Lead our lives by example. No matter how dense and chaotic things may appear. 

Granted this takes time when the truth shatters all illusions. It is the realization between what we think or cling to in order to feel safe and stepping beyond the veil and admitting ignorance, to explore the mysteries of knowledge and to spark the flame within once again that connects and reveals what must be experienced by all. Words do not begin to explain. But most know deep down, that something is not right in our collective psyche. Critical thinking, common sense, intuition and wisdom are only behind the door waiting to be rediscovered. 

BE THE CHANGE. You are Free, you are powerful. Reclaim that power and go within to awaken the most amazing thing you can imagine. I AM That I AM to be. So it is.

Love, Light & Peace

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