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Monday, November 12, 2012

It is by our thoughts, drawn from the aether where the source of consciousness resides, and by our spoken word that we weave and create our reality, according to the same laws that all of the Universe and Nature follow. As individuals and as a collective , Most are unaware of the power they each harness within. The reasons for this are the bombardment of illusions projected from deep within its collective psyche. The leaden nature, greed, corruption, lust, thirst for control and power and knowledge without having to do the work needed beyond the material world. No real weight in Gold to speak of except a glimmer, a fractal in the pattern. Self preservation rules in most. This is not to be said it is their fault. Much has been done to ensure the Society and Civilization we so ignorantly claim to be the greatest in history is molded and shaped for malevolent or selfish reasons to enable few to rule over the many. But this is of no matter in the end.
It is all part of the ride, all part of the evolution ad growth that must occur to awaken Humanity from its slumber to once again remember and turn on the light that illuminates ALL.

Within there is a spark ready to be ignited. Something more powerful than most dare dream. To let the Flame of Wisdom once again enlighten mankind to its undeniable glory. It has no label. It simply is. It needs no Religion , for it reveals the Truth upon universal law that can not be challenged by intellect or skeptic minds and is free of all Dogma and isms. It has no politics for knowing it leads to self governance and full personal responsibility for all ones thoughts and actions. It sees no difference in the created differences we as a species have created to separate us from it, from Nature and from ourselves and created a constant state of Chaos.

The truth is that ALL is ONE. Whatever the ism or argument to separate 2 things from itself are of no use. There is only one Truth. Even the illusion is part of the truth, consciousness being the catalyst. Consciousness is everything, it creates and is the source of all manifestation, from the unseen to the known universe. Carrying with it the energy and spirit inherent in all things. Light, Energy. And some are bestowed with an awareness. Love or Fear in all things. This is why we manifest within this realm, this density where physical reality can manifest and we can create in a physical world capable of sustaining life, to create with it, in cooperation. All things follow laws. Only Man makes laws in that image and is able to pervert it. Only Man can concoct a plan to alter the natural order of all things. Yet even this fighting against Nature, against himself like a cancer is short lived. ALL mankind is equal. No one is worth any more than another. Conscious manifested beings taking form in these vessels in order to create but with that must forget why and how.
With the goal to awaken. To remember and to unite the Above and the Below. The union of Fire and Water. To turn Lead into Gold. - The awakening of the carnal desires to the spiritual virtues and become soul conscious.To lift the veil of illusions and free ourselves from our own prisons.

This is the Truth that has been lost hiding in plain site to man for centuries, for Aeons. All one needs to do is observe nature and the stars and most importantly seek within. KNOW THYSELF. To clear ones mind of all preconceived notions and belief systems that are instilled and not natural by way of direct experience, research and experimentation. And let go. There are many ways to the truth, how hard the journey will be is completely up to the individual. No one is better than the other, be it human or thought form. Eventually all paths lead to one. The unfathomable source of all things.

Whether 2012 means anything means nothing in the bigger scheme of things. Alignments are but reminders, Observe - seasons change, rivers flow, trees reach upwards toward the sun. Harmony. Being. What matters is what we do as individuals right here, now , every moment. Treat others as you would be treated. We are all human beings, all the same. Certain understandings lead to but one truth. The path of what is called Alchemy in the West, Hermetics, The true teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Vedics, Mayans, Muslims, Islam, Native America and Chinese and all the Ancient Teachings. All are ONE at the source. No difference. Not even the Illusion of Difference.

Its about what we do each day, in all personal and business dealings with this knowledge. Continue to Grow for each day is a blessing, each moment an opportunity to create or to simply BE. There is one thing to do, Create. Create peace, love, compassion, honesty, TRUTH in ALL things. And by the very laws that govern all things, Create - abundance and prosperity. Mans first duty is to himself. And when he is able he is to help in some way those less fortunate. No Ego. No Desiring something in return as this is the natural order of things. To raise ALL Man kind to the same level of consciousness - of ONEness with eachother, nature, and the universe. Because we are all one and this simply means there is no place for any other man to wield authority over another as all are fully aware of the consequences of such ignorant action. When this is understood there is no slavery of any kind. Each decision is made knowing the consequences of fighting against ones self. We are to experience, to grow, to evolve as one. There are direct ways to which we can access this on a personally direct experience. There are many techniques known and hidden in plain site

We are stardust manifested into conscious beings in the mind of the Source of all things. Think about that for a second...To be conscious of what we are a part of or to squander that ability and choice to take part in the grandest thing we could ever imagine...

Granted the work must be done on all levels of life for each to raise themselves from the abyss of confusion into the light of wisdom but it is achievable by each as this is the very reason we have incarnated on this plane.

We are Light, we are infinite in what we can attain to. Shine the Light - each one that is conscious.

Create a world of Peace, Equality, and TRUTH for ALL

Blessings. Light. Love.


Mike Eggleston said...

REMEMBER Who you Are

Janhavi Bhosle said...

Your blog is wonderful :) please keep writing!