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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Consciousness is the catalyst of all that is. Once we understand human consciousness - what it is - where it comes from, enlightenment floods the darkness and ignorance. We are here for a purpose, to remember who we are, where we come from. This realization, only possible through direct experience via the alchemical transmutation of Belief and Knowledge into Wisdom, into contact with the higher awareness that is within all of creation, all of reality, both inner and outer.

Man is the Microcosm, the known Universe the Macrocosm. Both are reflections of the other. Both follow the natural laws that all things follow. Both are connected beyond time and space.

There is no greater time in history that the world, that humanity must awaken - to remember what we have forgotten. The illusion that has been accepted for so long is coming apart at the seams. The Paradigms are crumbling under the weight of corruption, dogma and common sense when one opens their mind to transcend the programmed reality and see the BIG picture, and exactly what is being done to suppress human consciousness and personal freedom that NO man should be able to dictate for others. This war on consciousness must end, but it is up to each one to do the personal work to make this happen.

We are Spiritual Beings manifested in this physical world, to experience, to create as individuals and as a whole. We have separated ourselves for too long, its time to remember. Its time to awaken and claim the birthright of ALL who incarnate on this realm.

LOVE over fear. Light over the darkness. Ignorance is a choice.


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