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Know Thyself - and thou shall know all the Mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe

Monday, March 12, 2012

When truth , on a spiritual & philosophical level is known then all illusions fall away and reveal themselves for what they are. It is when we put this knowledge into action, direct experience, direct manifestation of thought / MIND energy into this physical reality that we become conscious of the the absolute existence of something bigger than what words can do justice.

To be conscious, aware, of the direct connection we have to the conscious intelligence that is the father of ALL things, God, the truly divine connection that we are ONE with nature, the stars and all things, this is the goal. This is the GIFT, the birthright of all conscious beings. This is the understanding that only happens when we Transmute the gross into the fine, the lead into Gold - to make the choice to let go completely and allow LOVE flow from within to manifest as compassion that we discover the humbling humility that arises when we raise our consciousness for even a second to commune with the ALL and realize the meaning of the Ancient Saying "Man - KNOW THYSELF - and thou will know all the Secrets of the Gods and of the Universe"

There is no other time than NOW to wake up, to become who we are meant to be.

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