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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to 2008.....

Another year is upon us and we face so much as a species living on then this incredible planet of ours. The time has come for each one of us to take a good look in the mirror, within ourselves and really become the change we want to see in the world. To open our minds to love and the endless potential inherent within us.

We have to step back away from the illusion projected into this "reality" of ours and find our center, our balance with the universe, with nature, with God. Its the Golden rule of the Ancients, BE THE CHANGE, do unto others. We need to separate this warped eye for an eye mentality that leaves us all blinded by ignorance, greed and corruption. It is time to stand up as One, and as individuals and take responsibility for our lives. Stop doing what you are told to do, how to dress, what to drive and consume, step away from the television for a moment and get out into nature. Enjoy the sun light, the fresh air and think for yourself.

The Government, Church, Corporations and so forth that attempt to control this society of ours have no place telling any one of us, how to live or how what to believe. This is part of the problem, the conditioning of the human spirit that has us in the trouble we find ourselves in. We can not have peace while occupying countries through Military force. We can not have unity while the many "organized" Religions fight over who has the true god. These go hand in hand in the problems we are facing. We have corporate sponsored Religio-political Fascists telling everyone what to believe and using Fear as a catalyst.

Love, Peace and truth are the only way and this corrupt blind dogmatic illusion is wearing very thin these days. It is time to stand up for the highest good of all and no longer accept the "lesser of two evils" as a solution or temporary fix. It is time to awaken to the true nature of the universe on all levels and open our minds and hearts so that we may see clearly through all the static.

Take a good look around, everything is not as it appears and if you think for yourself for one moment, you will begin to break free from it all. We should not be slated to accept things deemed good for the population of the world when fear is used as the reason. We should not give up our personal liberties and freedoms because we are told it will make us "safer". Do not fall for double speak and hypocritical philosophies of those who attempt to have power over the people of the earth using violence and fear tactics while preaching peace and equality. The time has come to awaken the human spirit and take this world back.

Peace and Light

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