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Sunday, January 27, 2008

At this point in humanity's existence it is time NOW to wake up and stand for truth and love and compassion and true equality, the true virtues of humanity, and to stand as ONE among mankind and not to submit to being tracked like sheep, and to what is coming down the line, be it a week or 20 years from now, and that means we have to each look within and decide what it is we want for those who will come after us instead of the ignorance that has been laid out for too long.

For generations we have passed the problems of society on to the next and the next and the next and now we face generations to come that will struggle to make it, and all at the hands of the few, who for generation after generation have been laughing and plotting how to control society. We can not let our children and our grandchildren suffer at the mistakes we made or the problems we failed to confront.

This is not the time to be passive or complacent, that is exactly what has brought us to this point in history in the first place. Revolution does not mean a violent act, it is an idea, a philosophy, a way of being, by not submitting to being told what to do when what is being told is wrong on all levels. Revolution, is expanding consciousness, taking a stance of non violence and standing for truth for the highest good of ALL and not only what benefits a few. We are all ONE , and we are all brothers and sisters on one planet and we have choices to make, that in our lifetime will test our souls and our very being of what we stand for and the legacy we leave behind....

Power to the Peaceful

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