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Friday, November 04, 2016

Always find the inner light 🌞💓🌞Illusion of Choice in the Land of Make Believe... and people look at you funny when you talk about Consciousness. This world is upside down and side ways and every single one of us is pretending to keep our shit together. Keep putting one foot in front of the other when deep down you know its the Matrix out there and you thank God you learned how to navigate to certain degrees, or so you think..... onward. Don't ever look back, that is regret and we are each fully, 100% personally responsible for every word and action we allow to manifest, there is no way around this law, and do not look forward into the future which is unwritten , for that is where anxiety comes from, and YOU can only make the change you wish for in the here and now. Instead find what you are good at, Create the world YOU want for yourself , leave all the naysayers and fears in the dust, in the here in now we are in control, pay no mind to the illusions of control that fight so hard to steal your mind and your soul in this world. We all have good days, we all have bad days, but to realize what we are capable of is a blessing that frees us from that mindset of scarcity, lack, fear, All of the shit that is projected at us each day through all the different sources, in so many forms, That is normal in this world, everyone deals with it in some way. Just have to remember not to get stuck there. Always doing your best to remember what you learned along the way and always find that light deep within that is truth in its purest form... rise above and fly instead. ∞

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