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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Silently observe the world. Be in it, but not of it. For in this wisdom the seeker knows the chaos that is perceived is but illusion, it has no spiritual place for it is purely based in the material, in Ego based control constructs. Therefore behold the wonder that is the truth. That any limitation exists only in the mind. All things are but one thing in different manifestations, different levels of consciousness perceiving itself in the mind of the source of All things. To be conscious of this interconnectedness , that there is no separation of the spiritual and the physical world, to experience this first hand in divine union is the Stone of the Philosophers. The transmutation and transformation necessary for illumination and initiation into the Mysteries to proceed in this Great Work. It is the birthright of all. The very reason we have manifested in these vessels - above all else. To Remember. There is no greater Gift, for it is the Truth that shatters all illusions. Love or Fear.
Fiat Lux. - Blessings. Mike

Thank you all who wandered upon this corner of the internet since 2005 and engaged in many conversations that are necessary to raise the consciousness. Instead of regurgitating what has already been repeated many times on this blog I would like to just say this....

Always Push the envelope in these days where Wisdom is mocked and has gone the way of common sense and personal responsibility. It can get interesting as we see Celebrity and Chaos of the worst kind have become accepted as normal, and illusions sold as truth to the unsuspecting masses; while Dogma and Superstition rot the intellectual psyche of the collective. And still there are those who come back and remember. Who truly know, who do the work without need for recognition or popularity. Those who do the work in silent and understand the truth so many reject, that cornerstone that is missing.
But again, no judgement, its all part of the process. Use this to drive the journey. To be blessed to see what words do no justice to.

We live in a very interesting time, one that offers so much opportunity for Truth, for the Light to come back into this world in the midst of so much Ignorance and Fear. Remember , change will only come from WITHIN - WE must be that change by manifesting the highest virtues and Spiritual Wisdom (knowledge gained by direct experience) in ourselves and raising our consciousness to directly know the Mysteries of the Universe and of God. This is the Esoteric message taught by all the great Masters. This is the true path of all genuine Spiritual Traditions.

Spread the Light. Walk the path. Create. Experience. LOVE. 

Those who know...well, they just know

Blessings - I AM that I AM to Be, ONE with ALL that is.

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psychofizzy said...

HITCHHIKER: Hot damn! I never rode in a convertible before!
DUKE: Is that right? Well, I guess
you're about ready, eh?

The HITCHHIKER hesitates.

We're your friends. We're not like
the others.


Great post brother. Blessings and thank you and much love and light and peace and prosperity for the future due in return to the workings of your past.