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Friday, September 16, 2011

This is now available to all who wander upon this...

PDF - Initiation of the Soul

Truth is something that is ridiculed, mocked and feared in these strange days. We find ourselves in this 21st century, a digital dream, unaware for the most part of reality, of Truth in its highest form.

I do not speak merely of subjective truths, or of true and false mundane trivia, or of what is paraded as truth by so called experts in the fields of modern Academia (which is deeply flawed and has omitted, lost or completely forgotten the ancient knowledge), the Mainstream Media (The modern mouth of Propaganda in place to manipulate and mold public opinion to produce a certain product) or by those who sit in their powerful seats of influence, in their Ivory Towers of Governments, Religion, Science and Economics.

For if the veil is lifted and actual truth, about history, spirituality, and humanity is taught these will all be proven as frauds, as illusions in place to limit the freedom of the individual and of true knowledge. Thus, the illusion perpetuated for so long by those in power is vital to the continuation of a world built on manipulation, with power and profit being the pillars of empires. The result of this type of action is constant struggle (problem, reaction, solution) in both the individual and on the world stage.

If we are to solve the issues facing humanity at this point in history, this juncture, we must educate and awaken the inner most faculties residing within each human being and awaken the senses to true reality that is locked away, asleep deep within each person.

It is truly the stuff of legends, of the mystics of a time long forgotten. It is the enlightenment and attainment of knowledge, of wisdom, that in turn will awaken the divine creative spark to understanding and truth. The key to awakening and the emergence from the shadows that mask reality. To illuminate reality as it truly is, and not as we would like to believe, wish or think it to be. To provide solutions to the struggles of humanity, which in reality are more simple than one can imagine, as most solutions offered by the so called experts in all fields always appear complicated, one sided and only benefit a small group in the outcome.

We find ourselves, as individuals and as a whole facing the most challenging times in human history. We must, for the betterment of all nations, for all people, unite as One to solve the problems now facing humanity. To seek solutions that benefit all, while maintaining the sovereignty of nations and personal liberty for all people.

We must seek to understand the interconnectedness to which all things are part of, a higher divine consciousness, the NATURAL order of all things. Humanity must learn to respect the beliefs and traditions of others, while finding common ground needed to repair centuries old wounds, an end to war and disease of body, mind, spirit and nature. A consciousness of awareness, revealing of Truth, of Philosophy and knowledge.

However, the distinction must be made clear, without doubt, between those who currently seek control through a malevolent agenda, a New World Order or World Government built on corruption, deceit and power.

Those who choose to pervert and control what was and is meant to be the New order of the Ages, long prophesied by many civilizations. These destructive and manipulative forces that have polluted the political, religious, and socioeconomic paradigms for centuries must give way to truth, to light, to liberty. There is no place for this type of greed oriented mindset any longer if we are to restore the balance needed for harmony and equality among all men of earth. To restore the equilibrium needed to maintain all life in Nature, as a whole, the sum of all its parts, of which humanity is an integral part of. To emerge from the darkness there must be humility and compassion in place of arrogance and indifference.

Those who claim to know what is best, who choose to wield power of control over the souls of men on earth for personal gain and pleasure, in all Governments and institutions, must step down and accept that the laws of nature, of the universe, of God (which ever label one wishes to give to the higher force of creation) can not be broken or manipulated.

Cause and effect (as ye sow, so shall ye reap) are one of the many laws of Nature and one way or another balance will be restored. Liberty and freedom to humanity is a right, it is not a privilege to be decided by other men in positions of power.

Anything to the contrary is against the free will not only of individuals but of nations. To impose control over others as if personally ordained by deity, by royal blood, or any other faction of elitest contrived control is unacceptable. The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God are one in the same and must be obeyed. The disharmony we see in the world, and in personal life today is because these laws have been ignored for so long in search of trivial material pleasures, control over others and ignorance of truth.


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