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Sunday, April 11, 2010


The universe is mental, it is mind, it is plastic substance that when understood on a certain level of consciousness / awareness can be molded to manifest to certain degrees. When we are in accordance with Universal / Divine Law we can BE and co create what we need according to law.

Many will say this is not so, and so they will reject this and label it in any way they can to disregard what they do not understand. But this does not make it so.

It reminds me of an old quote - whether you think you can or you think you can not, you are right ...


Justin Tyne said...

To me mentalism is what you get when Einstein and Freud get into a car accident with Buddha. The spiritual gnosis is sound, as
above so below, a world of ONE. The science is infallible, fractal geometry, Fibonacci relations. Our world is certainly a quantum matrix. Time, death, need, separation are illusion. What is missing is love. Old science suggests the mind is the center of expressed reality. In fact we now have scientifically determined our expression of reality to be a function of the heart and the mind to be a data processor. Our heart pumps out neuropeptides by the millions every minute. Our brain, as the processor, reads these messages thus reality is created.
It is our heart which is in constant commune with the universal ONE. Using this blog as a metaphore; to say the mind is the creator is like saying the computer wrote the blog. The heart created the blog, the mind processed it.
This is a very important distinction as it exemplifies the ultimate vehicle for the discovery of GODself reality and ONEness.

Namaste, my awakened brother, heart, not mind, over is all there is...

Awakened1 aka Mike Eggleston said...

I agree, from the heart is where we must create and BE connected from, LOVE, but You missed the point... simply that the universe is mental, this is not saying the "physical" mind is what creates - because the physical mind as it is understood is really misunderstood by those trying to define it as the place thought originates when it is not, thought comes from within, the connection to the divine MIND, sub conscious, etc, etc, this was just a very basic blurb that our thoughts create our reality, but to take it further, with what you added, without living & creating from the heart those thoughts simply flow unguided, regardless... I agree. Thanks for the comment