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Monday, October 26, 2009

What has become of the Spiritual Movement?

This will probably piss some people off but oh well.....I heard David Wilcock said something about Obama being of the Light, something like that, I couldnt find the exact article or speech, but none the less.... If thats true what he said, then he is full of offense to anyone, but Lets be straight for a second. I have heard many people talking Obama is a "walk in" and other BS here to help humanity.....I am growing rather tired of the blinders that have been pulled over peoples eyes...If I am wrong I will kindly recant my statement, anyways, on to the meat of the matter...

As much As I have studied the Esoteric , meditation, magic and so forth I am beginning to truly for the first time see through all the fluff and wishful thinking, positive vibes, love love love BS.... Now listen before anyone goes responding hastely ....It is us who will need to do the work in the physical to change the world, we are not going to magically shift consciousness all together at the same time, on some date or some 2nd coming, it is US who must do the work to free ourselves, to free our minds, we are not going to magically ascend as so many want to believe, reminds me of the rapture talk, the only change will come from within, then and only then manifesting that into the outer world through personal responsibility, compassion and so forth.

I understand completely that without love and light there is only darkeness, but all this wishy wash talk about "dont focus on that, focus on the love, it'll pass" is ignorant and arrogant, I havent quite figured out which one.

There is a Revolution, an evolution coming, hell its already here , and its not going to be pretty when people wake up and realize those in power have been f******* them for years. All the wishful lovey dubby feelings in the world can not make the truth about what needs to be done go away...

I have ranted enough. Time to really wake up and take a good hard look in the mirror..

Obama is a PUPPET, all spiritual and religious mumbo jumbo aside, there is a group of people running the show that must be dealt with

Get ready for a rough ride... hope everyone is prepped , whether you believe you will float away and ascend or not.... its the here and now that will try mens souls and see what we are truly made of

I AM just asking a very serious question here. I had believed this for awhile, but I am beginning to see things in a different angle, We can not simply ignore the evils and corruption and expect it to magically go away

What happens when 2012 gets here and no major shift in consciousness as occurred, now this is very hard for me to say as I have written about this topic to the positive, but the question must be asked, 1000s of years, not 6000 years but literally 10s of thousands of years we have been here, and I know all about consciousness, well at least I think I know enough about manifesting, thought , creation and so forth, BUT what happens when it doesnt happen on a mass level, WHAT IF, its an individual thing / happening, and even then we can not simply ignore the corruption in the world, because it affects us all and the lives of billions more.....

What if.....

What I AM saying is this...

WHAT IF the shift in consciousness is to occur within each on an individual level and then manifest in the outer world HERE , not in some other dimension, not magically floating away into New Age mumbo jumbo fluffery that is beginning to seriously mirror the Rapture type thinking of modern organized religion, but right here in this physical world we find ourselves in. WHAT IF we are supposed to wake up to make this world better, not some distant "5d" BS magical shift world, WHAT IF we have to fight the evils in this world, in the physical, those that seek to enslave humanity in an illusion so that billions are then able to realize the illusion and "wake up" so to speak to teh realization that we are connected, to all that is, WHAT IF.....

we cant get mad at a puppet for the way he dances... its the people pulling the strings that need to be dealt with, all though Obama knows well he is playing a role

We can put our trust in God / The Universe all we want, but the cold hard truth of the matter is that We are here to do the work, to bring about peace, compassion, truth, to bring about what all the religions / spiritual teachings talk or preach about, and unfortunately the problems we see today are a result of complacency from generation to generation, and this isnt going to come about without a fight, sad but true, and ignorance and superstition replacing reality and truth hasnt helped the cause any...and unfortunatley none of this change, on a spirtual or political / social level is going to occur without a fight

To just do nothing i.e. "surrender" i.e. "let go" i.e. "trust in Universe" that everything will just "work out" is the same as blind "hope" and hope without action is empty, it is meaningless, it is like getting hit by a bus and not going to the doctor because you just "have faith" or "hope" you'll get better.... it is no different than dropping out , and focusing only on the "me" if we are to focus on our own shift because we are connected to all that is, and to ignore that and somehow think we can wish away all the bad is folly...

We must address the problems we face, here and now, while expanding our consciousness to see truth, yet we must do the work to change the things and this means going head to head with the evils in this world because all the lovey dubby wishy washy love and hope in the world are not going to make it go away. We sit around and talk about God i.e. the source consciousness of all creation, like he or she is some person , thats part of the problem, we are all reflections of the original source but for us to do nothing , to sit by idle while the world is destroyed wishing for things to get better will not end well..... we need to stop thinking that "God" (if that is the name we choose to give to the source of all creation) is going to fix our problems for us, the universe is order and chaos, a beautiful organized chaos, but chaos none the less, governed by cause and effect, and the effect of doing nothing is a much greater risk to this little reality we all find ourselves in, we have roles to play, sooner or later everyone will figure that out, but sadly this wont happen until they are truly shaken to their core and risk losing everything... WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, right here and right now

The planet can get hit my a meteor, we could see all out World Nuclear war, famine, Climate Change or any number of possible scenarioes that could wipe us all out tomorrow.

BUT to sit by and do nothing to bring about change, real change, one that brings true awareness, freedom and liberty to all souls on all levels of our existance will take courage, and actual work, something worth fighting for, not the wishy washy positive thinkng "make it all go away" mentality that has a death grip on not only the spiritual movement, but also on society in general.

Complacency is a disease of the mind...

Time to take personal responsibility, draw lines in the sand and no just how "awake" we think we are....

We all know the personal work we must do in our own lives, open our hearts to love, compassion, truth, charity, understanding and so forth. But we must also stand up against the evils in this world, all that is needed for evil to prosper and spread is for good people to do nothing, to remain complacent thinking its too big to do anything about, or that we can just wish it all away by focusing on love and the positive or hoping that some shift will transmute it all away and no work is needed on our part.

There may very well come a time in the not so distant future that will require us to stand against these evils, face to face, to defend our own lives, or those we love, to stand against tyranny, and so forth, this is what people are not understanding. We can have all the faith in God, Universe, whatever but when its at your door we will have to each make a choice, to just "go with it" , "trusting in god" or to make a stand for what is just...

We must work on the physical level, in our communities to change the corruption in the world, this is not merely going to disappear because we ignore it or "dont give our energy to it", this is classic avoidance, denial , whatever dressed up label we want to give it.

The truth of the matter is we can label things "3D", lower vibration, etc etc and choose to ignore or "only focus on the good", whatever makes people sleep better at night, but the cold truth is it is up to each one of us to change the evils we see in the world. Merely hoping they will change is ignorant. As one of the greatest teachers said... FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD



brow of calm said...

It can indeed all be kind of frustrating and I agree that all the wishy, washy love BS is not helping anyone in the long term and the truth can hurt and must.
On the other hand we live in a duality universe, we have to accept that right now there are opposing forces at work and everything is working exactly to plan. We need the negative in the world to realise the positive.
We can trust, we can work on ourselves, we can be in peace knowing that everything is o.k, good, perfect even. Obama and his clan included, the negative is necessary, this seperation is what we came here to experience and then change, to create something better.
At least we agree that things can be better and can be changed.
Sometimes I totally feel your frustration, often though I try to be aware of projection, the inner onto the outer.

Anonymous said...

very cool videso and passionae speeches about the world order today.

but the speech is written in the form of tyrrants - "evil" etc. It is reactionary ("against") and it usually means it is a "revolution" more than an "evolution" - because it is still the same thinking
i prefer ideas surrounding prior unity - and that is to embody and speak as if we are all one. yes, there is the reality, but how do you hold the world you seek to create -love, compassion and one - at the same time, and use that creative tension (not anger or desire to get rid of something ) to generate energy to change. And this will affect how you go about to make the change too.

I agree with the previous comment - it is not ego we need to fight against, but to me, the question is how do we have a conscious relation to it? How can we be aware and present?

Once we have worked on that, and work that out for ourselves, they said that physical world will do the work for us.
After, coorporations are made of people, people who are equally capable of loving and being compassionate.

Awakened1 said...

I am completely aware of the duality of our nature, Ego, and so forth, you can view my videos and information on the Esoteric / Spiritual Here to see more indepth what I adhere to :
(copy and paste if not linked)

That being said and my years of study aside, I no longer believe in the notion that 2012 will be some magical change, or some dramatic shift in consciousness that everyone will all of the sudden "get it" or that we can simply wish it all away by positive thinking, etc.

The work must be done in the physical by each one of us and to those who seek their "New World Order" are not going to simply stand aside peacefully and give up their agenda. I highly doubt they will adhere to love, compassion and peace and "join us" as many are stating these days.

We must each become the change we wish to see in the world, but we must also understand we may have to stand and fight against an evil most have not experienced as history repeats. This world may be of energy, thought and illusions, but the evils we see will not simply go away because we wish them too.