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Sunday, April 16, 2017

In the age of information, in which truth can no longer be contained, the pillars of empire crumble under the hypocrisy of the illusions they sell at every turn. Truth yearns to shatter these illusions. To free us from our own prisons, self imposed by ignorance in these strange days. This is why we see the chaos turned up to max. The pundits and the leaders scramble to distract the masses from the leaking of information that makes them complicit to the illusion. They clamp down on the flow of information labeling anything that goes against the status quo story line as "fake news", as they threaten Nuclear war , their last grasp at maintaining power and control. Corrupted fools attempting control over something of which they have no true control. Humanity is awakening, we are coming to the point of singularity where consciousness will be known for what it is. You feel it deep within, beyond the mere intellectual, beyond the deep programming, beyond the fear that you can do nothing about it. Free your mind. Step through the doorway, go within and the truth is revealed.

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