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Monday, September 02, 2013

in Regards to the matter of War with Syria (or any War for that matter)

Here is a wild notion.... Manifest PEACE, meaning we as individuals manifest peace from within, by taking full personal responsibility for our thoughts and actions, utilizing harmlessness towards each other, using our faculties of reason , logic and critical thinking and rejecting any talk of War or harm towards our fellow human beings, nations or any other form of this self destructive lunacy perpetuated by those who sit in their ivory towers claiming for whatever bullshit reason we must act by striking down and murdering more of our brothers and sisters across the world. This is almost always done for Profit, control and rarely (if ever for the "reasons" / propaganda we are told it is about) Because yes, even though "they" may be different or we may not know them or they believe something different from us, or are divided by some imaginary line some egocentric maniac drew on a a piece of paper dividing this world into regions or countries or states.... they and we, and you and I are in fact brothers and sisters in this human family.. We are on ONE planet and we are, regardless of the propaganda used to convince us otherwise ONE human family. See through the same lies told time and time again, study history and who the players are who stand to gain from such chaos and destruction are. The notion that a few men who print "money" and write "laws" can dictate and rule this planet for profit and power using fear as a catalyst is pure evil, it is pure insanity. Take a real good look around this land of make believe, beyond the Television, beyond the twerking madness of the filth that is paraded as reality and maybe, just maybe the sleeping masses can see beyond the prison of the 5 physical senses they have been enslaved within.....maybe, just a thought.....rant over ;)

Blessings to ALL of humanity, and to this planet we call home. LOVE, LIGHT & TRUTH to all, may all be FREE , as each was born into this world from the aethers, Free from the illusions and limitations that are nothing more than the thoughts and ideas of small minded men who seek control... it means nothing, discover your true power. ONENESS with all things, no separation from God, Nature or Eachother

PEACE....project it in all we do


Bee Ross said...

I just discovered your blog, Mike and we think so much alike. Charlane referred me to you and I'm really glad she did. Great blog...its appreciated and bookmarked! I currently have a 'record keeper' fluorite that I'm smitten by and I noticed that you even have a 'record keeper' lemurian seed. Record keepers are slightly hard to come by....well, not really, Ive just never seen the triangular inclusions on a lemurian seed before. Incredible. As I read more and more of your blog entries, I'm amazed seems like they could have been written by myself....glad to have your acquaintance! Be blessed brother :)

Mike Eggleston said...

Thank you. Blessings

Solairis said...

Hello Mike,
Solairis aka Disa aka Sherry in Delhi.
You ARE a being of depth. Wonderful writings.
Yes we are on One planet and for me this planet is within the One Mind. It's an inside job. Mirroring what I AM believing within and projecting without.
Blessings in Light of Truth which always IS.

Mike Eggleston said...

Thank YOU Disa