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Monday, February 25, 2013

For the last Month I have been in the Desert,  literally in the desert, this is not the usual post here on this blog. I have been in the desert, in a Tent in Tucson AZ for the biggest Gem and Mineral Show in the world, set up for 18 days interacting with 1000s of people. I am thankful for the experience, it was intimidating, humbling, a true testament to what we can manifest when we pour our energy into something, it was an amazing journey that I will now be doing indefinitely. Every single one of us can achieve our dreams, manifest whatever we can imagine. Every single thing we humans have created we first thought of, that is we IMAGINED it and then by the power of that imagination and will and drive we manifested all of what we see around us today. We have a great power within each of us to change the world for good, through our work we can elevate the consciousness to shift the world into Light. No Limitations. Nothing is impossible. We are all here for one reason. Once that is realized there is no more illusion. Spread Truth in all things, by actions, by the words we choose to speak in all circumstances. FIAT LUX.

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