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Sunday, December 16, 2012

We have gone insane as a species because we allow Fear to drive us. We must find compassion, love, TRUTH above all things. Three things can not long be hidden - The Sun, The Moon and The Truth. We each need to be the change in this world, and we need to do it free from programmed beliefs. We are all the same, no one worth more than any other. ONE. Human Family. Time to start acting like it and not falling for propaganda in place to continue the cycle of fear by feeding us more fear and then playing on those fears.

It is a truly sad thing to see such senseless things - especially when young innocent children are involved. To watch each day How we as humans treat each other. People seem so shocked when this type of senseless violence happens and wonder what the cause was. The cause is that We live in a society where we are desensitized to violence and chaos via media and "entertainment" at a very early age - programmed.

Slated to accept it as normal and then told to "know the difference" between right and wrong. As the very ones who are supposed to lead us and show us the way blatantly ignore what they lay out for everyone else to follow. As Human Beings we kill each other each day like some twisted sport over religion, resources, or any other contrived differences we have created to separate us from each other. And then we get to explain it away because we label it "war" or "collateral damage", etc. We as a society celebrate insane degenerates as celebrities, reality TV, virtually ALL Politicians , Religious and other leaders who murder, lie, cheat and steal each day openly, and these are the people most people look to for guidance? People seriously dont see why our society continues to perpetuate the same insanity continuously? There is no true spiritual aspect of modern life / society, that has been so messed up over time by the institutions in place for very good reason, that now only Dogma and Superstition remain in its place for the most part. People are not taught truth from day 1, they are taught to believe in illusions and our society is set up to produce this very product, and then people who cant think for themselves watch the media sensationalize it and pretend its "random" and then point fingers at banning guns like that will solve the insanity, the problem in the collective human psyche.

Guns are not the problem. The problem is a void in the human soul and this land of make believe we live in. If someone is crazy enough to want to kill people they will find a way. Criminals pay no mind to laws and do things regardless of what is wrong. The problem lies in our society, we have separated ourselves from each other, from nature, from what we call God. We each need to be the change in this world, and we need to do it free from programmed beliefs. Sure ban guns, and then only the organized Government Tyrants and criminals who never obey gun control laws anyways would have weapons which in some twisted way would keep us safer from ourselves.

If everyone learned to practice full personal responsibility for their thoughts and actions and begin to truly question why things are the way they are and stopped just dancing in circles we could begin to change things but common sense is a lost notion these strange days we live in, the problems we face as a species can not be solved with the old ways of thinking, things like this should wake people up to the illusions they hold as reality, if you must watch the news over the next few days, if you watch the Propaganda and emotional manipulation take place - ask yourselves just what is going on...Sooner or Later each one of us will come to the point in life where we realize that none of this is normal. We are all ONE, when we hurt of kill another we are in fact doing it to ourselves. Let love light the way, use critical thinking in ALL things. Blessings to all the human family. Let us stop being at war with each other on all levels. Be the change you wish to see in the world and stop participating in the madness. Raise the Consciousness. Two Choices. Love or Fear.

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