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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sometimes this energy gets you in trouble , the emotions, remaining ego grasping to hold on to the the old paradigm, the result of walking between 2 worlds as they unite get the best of us. And in that exact instant you realize you repeated the test again... The hardest part of this path is the transmutation of the ego, the letting go of every last bit of the weakness we all have within. Its found at the horizon of the Zero Point, the union of the 2 into 1.

Keep moving forward, focus. Breathe. I must keep reminding myself of this...Light. Love. Complete Control of the fire inside. Release it all, burn away the dross to reveal the fine gold just in sight

Let it go....

This songs seems to always do the trick, a good swift reminder to focus. (Alchemy in Music, by real Alchemists ;)

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