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Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009 - By Mike Eggleston

The entire system is going to collapse under the corruption, within a few short months now, maybe a couple years at most, this is inevitable, it has run its course like a cancer in society, it has less to do with what Obama does or doesnt do, or the politicians as it did for the Corrupt Puppet Administrations before going back 100 years... There is nothing we or anyone can do about it anymore, its going to happen regardless, its the way things work, it is one of the many Laws of the Universe, of God, Of nature, whatever we want to call it, it is a natural cause and effect, everything operates in this way.

One of the main things that people need to start understanding, on a mass scale, is that this is as much a spiritual war, a war on consciousness than anything else. Those who run the show are very proficient and know what they are doing, the manipulation of emotions and minds using information, religion and politics is a well skilled craft to them. The left vs right, divide and conquer mentality needs to stop now, all the so called differences we humans have created in our minds between us all, the racism, the "differences", everything is an illusion that we created, its Fear based and as long as we keep feeding into it the same will be perpetuated in our own lives, this goes with everything we do, not just on the socio-political side of things.....

One of the things we need to realize is that EVERY single problem we see, on an individual personal level to the collective level of society is that the problems we face are because we humans are the ONLY beings in this universe that attempt to control and fight against the Natural order of things, the Laws of God / Nature / Universe can not be broken, only the laws we create for ourselves can we break.......and as long as we continue to feel like we must be in control of everything on all levels like we are some how above the rest of creation instead of a part of it, then we will continue to see the same things we are seeing now until it finally eats itself and destroys itself.

Not to say its not worth it to fight for as bigger change, but first if we are going to see ANY real change, or Peace, or ANYTHING on a mass scale EVERY SINGLE one of us has to manifest that change in ourselves first. Then and Only then will we see those changes take place on a mass scale. All this fighting against what we dont want to see on a mass scale is a reflection of the inner battle we all fight, and unless we Become the change we want to see in our own lives, that means, being peaceful, not trying to control or fight and actually flowing like a river through life, in Harmony with the Laws of Creation, then we are not going to see change in the outerworld. Its as simple as that.

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