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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama was chosen to be President by the Bilderberg Group / CFR / Trilateral Commision (aka Illuminati). These are the Powers that Be who "choose" each President... for the public to "vote" for. They chose, Bush, Clinton, Etc.... They are the ones who control the Banking System and Are the men who decide wars, economic policy and so forth. They are neither Liberal or Conservative as we think of the words actual definition. They simply are.

The Whole Liberal vs Conservative, Democrat vs Republican is ONLY used to divide the public into thinking along these lines of distraction. They do not exist. There are NOT 2 parties, only 1.... There is only 1 agenda, it is the same no matter who would have been elected (Obama or McCain) it has been in place for a very long time. DIVIDE AND CONQUER is the goal and it is working brilliantly.

The Public has been fooled and manipulated into thinking there is a difference between political parties, when there is NONE... these Senators and Congressman have no real power, they sell the same product , just with different twists from each side of the aisle.... so that the people keep arguing about Liberal vs Conservative while the end game is decided all along. The lobbyist for the Corporate sponsored Machine buy the votes needed to pass legislation.

Dont get caught up in the Left vs Right, Lib vs Con argument.... this is nothing more than an illusion to keep people distracted. The Same thing has been happening for years and It would be happening even if McCain was elected......

There is no difference......

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