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Friday, July 18, 2008

To be sane in a world run wild and backwards in every sense is to be able to notice the insanity taken as normal and accepted as truth in these strange days. While the world economy continues to fail on all levels, the good leaders of the world are doing their best to convince the public that it is "sound" and just a phase. As Orwellian Draconian laws are passed, civil liberties eroded and a police state is put into place using fear, it is sold as for the protection of the masses and a needed solution to the problems created by the very side claiming to fight the battle. Food shortages are becoming more common, while the middle class is being reduced to poverty as the currency devaluation is amped up and price inflation run rampant while salaries remain the same.

Mind control is in full effect by the media in all forms as the same few conglomerates monopolies own all of the Television, Print and Internet companies. Disney, NewsCorps, Viacom, Turner, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. Excessive violent and sexual imagery combined with depressive and obsessive subliminal messages of fantasy has replaced reality and "news" propaganda is peddled like crack to divide the masses and create an infuriating sense of patriotism and anger that mirrors szchophrenic behavior.

Mind pattern programming is nothing new, It began long ago with the Illuminati using 33 degree Freemason Walt Disney to influence the minds of children , Television and government sponsored (now admitted) Psychic interference used to mold the minds of the masses into a complacent sheep like state.

The time has come to brush aside the paranoid superstition that everything is fine and open the eyes to truly see what is going on around us all. Truth is considered profane to the mind that does not know it has been conditioned to accept such a programmed view of reality. Fear is used as a weapon to convince the population that the solutions and programs in place are needed for their well being. Society has for the most part become spiritually deprived and truths about our connection to nature and each other have been suppressed to a sub animal state of being.

Those who are aware of what is happening have a duty to continue to become more awakened through consciousness and to assist humanity on its deepest levels. To know good and evil is to know truth and to ascend from the state of sleep to rise above the Hypocrisy and insanity that is being sold. This time, here and now, is the most important time in human history. Those who have chosen to take their place aligned with the menevolent energy of control have lost their minds and as long as we continue as a whole to elect those who seek nothing but personal gain and control we are as guilty for allowing the evils we see in this world.

Man Made Global warming and other psychological fear tactics are being used to further enslave the people of this planet into accepting solutions and agendas that are the furthest thing from actually benefiting humanity. These are things that when realized for what they are will be too late to stop if allowed to happen.

Education needs to happen , true knowledge, not the information being presented throughout society on these issues by so called "experts" and leaders.

Truth will resonate within the heart when it is experienced.

True change comes from within. Love, Light and Peace come from within before it can manifest in the outer world. Take a stand for something bigger than any material treasure, for the very future of the planet. For the awakening of humanity.

In Light

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