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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Infinite Knowledge : Initiation of the Soul

Dedicated to all those that seek Truth

All writings of an Esoteric Nature from 2005 & 2006 have been combined into this one piece

The following is the writers opinion through practice and experience gained. Through the study of the Esoteric and Occult Knowledge, Practice in the ancient healing modality of Shamballa, Meditation, and Contemplation.

The sole purpose of these writings is to spark the eternal flame within us all, and to expand the consciousness of the individual and the collective to embrace all as ONE.

It is my hope that these writings will transcend religion and creed so that all may find common truth and understanding and come to the realization that the Source of all Creation, God, the Divine Spirit is all encompassing and knows no difference in the labels and countless ism’s that we hu-mans have attached to ourselves. You will find certain topics and phrases repeated many times, this is to reinforce their importance.

Separation is an illusion as is the 3D, Material world of manifestation.

Consciousness and Energy create all Reality

“From the depths of my being I send unconditional Love and Compassion to those who need it most, may all one day know our divine origin and true love. So mote it be, so it is.”

Property of and written by:

Michael D. Eggleston - 2006

The Secret Teachings

The teachings and knowledge that appear hidden are within. I AM that I AM, ONE with all that is, as is above, so is below. For centuries the truths about the world, the divine, the spiritual, mystical truths have been kept secret from the masses. Concealed in Parables throughout the worlds religions, hidden in plain sight in the form of symbols, are the keys to unlock the ancient esoteric knowledge. The forgotten wisdom of the ages. History and time are illusions to conceal those truths which reach back more than 50,000 years B.C.

The secrets have been passed down throughout time and are beginning to become more available in recent years, they are still taught in various mystery schools, secret societies and by those seeking the path on their own. A new surge in the Healing arts and shifts in consciousness are preparing the way for these truths to be revealed, and they will leave the masses, scientists and ignorant dumbfounded and in awe at the simplicity of it all.

The divine is within us all, available to all. There is much conditioning of the mind that one must overcome in order to embrace and discover these truths. For each the journey and path is one that is walked alone and the path is infinite. Illumination and enlightenment are a state of being, of using and putting forth the teachings in all one does for the higher good. It is not about merely about transcending, but incorporating the soul and the physical. It is about breaking through all barriers of doubt and fear and entering a state of knowing, of true being.

A world of peace, love and compassion is possible and lifting the veil of illusions of this reality is something that is now occurring. Look within, seek truth and know love. The answers will surprise you.

It is important that the reader take a moment and step back from the conditioned and programmed thought and emotional patterns of perception before delving into this piece of writing. We live in the age of information overload, where discernment should be used at all times, in all that is told, heard, written, spoken or communicated through any of the multi media avenues of human communication and accepted as truth.

There is a loss of truth in these strange days we find ourselves in. Beliefs and superstition have superceded knowledge and wisdom and in turn have polluted the consciousness to the point of toxicity. This individual piece of work is intended to leave its imprint upon the mind of the reader for the highest good. It is the intent that the eternal flame of divine truth within each will be sparked and will enable the reader to comprehend and glimpse beyond the veil of illusions and truly know and actually begin to experience truth in place of belief and instilled dogma that imprison the mind within the material world.

“Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. . . . Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings - that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide.” - Buddha


I AM that I AM The Eternal and the Divine
I AM the seen and unseen
I AM everything

I AM all that is
I AM the air, fire, water and earth and the ether
I AM the seen and unseen
I AM the sun, moon and I AM the stars
I AM the rhythm, I AM the pulse of the cosmos
I AM infinite in creation and expression, I AM unlimited
I AM within all and all is of ONE
I AM light, I AM energy, I AM consciousness
I AM the voice of reason, I AM the law of nature, I AM the truth of all truth. I AM love, I AM compassion, I AM ONE. I AM that which is above, I AM that which is below.

I AM all that is without, as I AM that which is within all
I AM the light and I AM the darkness, they are ONE.
Fear is an illusion and doubt is of the same.

Seek not outside of yourself for me, for I dwell within the most sacred of temples. It is to me whom you pray in secret. I AM the life, the light, the fire and the spirit. From ONE came all things, and from all things came ONE.

I AM The essence of truth and life. I AM the Esoteric teachings, the great mysteries of all that is. Meditate and unveil truth. Seek to apply that which is known into all that is done. In each action find me and in me find peace. Look within and you will find the higher expression of self, the I AM presence, The creator and the creation. The ONE that is inherent in all things.

Do you not see? That which is not is also of me, that which has yet to spring forth into manifestation. That which comes from you is of the divine. Seek to benefit all for the power of knowledge and wisdom of the highest. Do not seek personal gain and control of this power, for this will result in knowing truth of consequences that are ONE. The Law is ONE. And the Law is TRUTH.

From the elements sprang forth life and the elements sprang forth from ONE.
That which was not and now is. That which in the beginning is the source and from the source all is a reflection of ONE. For aeons I have slumbered within, ready to awaken and stir the eternal fire to spark the memories of divine origin. In the name of ONEness and true being. To join hands and embrace the physical and spiritual as ONE.


Infinite Knowledge : The Initiation of the Soul

We are all driven to explore, to learn, to experience so that we might gain wisdom and knowledge. The search for truth, for the answers to the secrets of life is something that is inherent in all. The thirst for knowledge that is meant to transcend what seem like the mundane everyday experience and allow us to commune with the unseen, the unknown. The path that leads us to move beyond the materialistic, lower nature and embrace the “higher self” and divinity within all life.

Consciousness and Energy create everything that is reality. What we perceive as physical matter is not actually solid, but layers of vibration of energy and light in 3rd Dimensional “reality”. It is in essence a holographic matrix as we experience it. It is thought, energy, in physical manifestation. This is being rediscovered and proven through what are deemed “new” sciences, such as Quantum Physics, String Theory, and others, which is actually ancient esoteric knowledge coming back into being. It is the true nature of all that it is, existing of the 5 elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Ether). The connection to nature, the stars and the I AM presence. There is an awakening occurring, a shift in consciousness that is happening with all that is. It is happening regardless, if you are aware of what is happening or not.

It has been said that to know truth one must seek within. For within the heart truth can be found. To understand the occult knowledge (which means “hidden”, contrary to the popular blindly accepted notion that it has to do with things deemed “evil” ) one must experience and research on their own, for it is not taught in an open arena as once was the case. To understand, one must seek and discern truth on their own, to learn and know that which is considered Esoteric*.

( 1 a : designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone b : requiring or exhibiting knowledge that is restricted to a small group ; broadly : difficult to understand 2 a : limited to a small circle b : Private, Confidential an esoteric purpose> 3 : of special, rare, or unusual interest W-M Dictionary *)

Throughout the illusion of time man has contemplated the great mysteries of life. The questions and search for truth that appear to have been lost with the ancient mystery schools, philosophers and mystics alike. The true knowledge of life and the keys to unlocking it again now, in this the 21st, century. The keys are hidden in plain sight, concealed in allegories and parables throughout the worlds religions, symbols and legends and within the temple of nature and within the human body. In the place of and accepted as truth among the masses are ignorance and perverted versions of the original thought, half truths or lies that have been instilled in the consciousness of the masses.

Knowledge that at one time was the doctrine of life, of being, the law of one and the law of all. It is the very foundation of all religions the world over. It is universal and all encompassing. It is important to recognize, that what is taught to the public masses, in the form of religion, philosophy, and general knowledge, is strictly Exoteric *.

(1 a : suitable to be imparted to the public -- compare Esoteric b: belonging to the outer or less initiate circle 2 : relating to the outside : External - W-M Dictionary * ).

The reason for this is twofold. Many thousands of years ago all were aware of the interplay of the spiritual forces, energy and so forth in their lives. Over time, this became corrupted by greed and thirst for control, for power overcame the senses. So the ancient civilizations of Atlantis were destroyed because of this. ( Though the great philosopher Plato writes of Atlantis as a metaphorical land, it is important to note that he acquired the legend after being initiated into the mysteries of Egypt and was bestowed with the ancient knowledge, it was not merely a creation of the great philosophers mind. )

Before the destruction of the great civilization, many spiritual teachers and keepers of the mysteries knew of what was to come and fled to other lands. They fled to what is now known as Tibet, The Americas, Egypt and other areas of the world. The secrets were taught to and influenced new civilizations that would begin to flourish as if overnight by some great miracle. The teachings were now kept within certain circles of the social-political-religious sects. In turn sprang the worlds religions and what was and still is taught to the masses are parables containing what was deemed acceptable for them to know. In turn the spiritual side / “God”, Nature, was personified and to the unknowing masses was taken as literal interpretations.

It is also key to note, that this knowledge goes back some 50,000+ years, beyond what is regarded as the officially “accepted” history time line.

(This is especially true, though not publicly divulged that the great pyramid for example was considered ancient, even by the Egyptians of 5,000 years ago. In reality it was used as a temple of initiation into the mysteries. The pyramid in its most perfect design and geometry is unmatched even by today’s architecture, it is coincidentally located at the very center of the planet, aligned with the heavenly constellations and is a great source of energy. )

This knowledge was kept and taught by initiates and adepts the world over, in mystery schools, and through “secret societies”. Unfortunately through corruption once again, the knowledge has been kept from the general population to keep control, with the line of thought that the average person, unaware of the esoteric and under the illusion of separation from the divine origins, would not be able to comprehend truth in its highest form.

This knowledge that was once known through experience and as second nature when revealed is no longer taken just as a belief, and changes everything. It elevates the consciousness to higher levels of awareness and with this the veil begins to lift away and the coincidences in life (which there are NONE, not even the illusion of coincidence) are made clear. It doesn’t matter if you believe it is happening or if you choose not to. In time all will be aware and the ancient truths that have appeared lost for so long in this physical illusion will become very apparent.

It is not something, that can be taught in a short time, for the path to realization, illumination, enlightenment, whatever name it be given, is one that naturally occurs as part of our souls evolution through this experience we call physical life. As we fell asleep these truths were “forgotten” and we became shut off from the spiritual, mystical side of life. It is a life long venture that one undertakes now to reveal these secrets.

For some, they become so engulfed by the physical illusion that they disregard the coincidences in their lives as merely figments of their imagination and choose through free will to continue on the same path and never find the deeper spiritual meaning. It is key to note and to understand that we are Spiritual Beings in this human experience and not merely Human beings having a Spiritual experience. It is important to understand that this plane of existence we call 3D is the realm of physical manifestation and experience. Out side of this dimension the vibration of energy is higher and is not in need of physical embodiment.

Some are new souls and this is their first time in this physical world, and for many there have been many reincarnations for the sole purpose of waking up and remembering why we have come into this realm in the first place. This is the realm in which the beauty of all creation can be experienced in the physical. We have fallen asleep and become separate from our true divine origin and in turn have forgotten the splendor of why we are here in the first place.

When we choose to incarnate into this realm we must forget and it is the purpose of this life to remember and incorporate the spiritual and physical as one. To transcend the illusion of the material hallucination and to wake up. We become so entranced by our 5 physical senses, that the lower nature transpires and we fall under the spell of materialism, ignorance, greed, lust and Ego. It is the goal through illumination to awaken the slumbering senses and again realize and utilize them to become the potential within. Destiny as it has been called.

It is important in part, that the awakening occurring now happen in order to clarify what has been taken as literal by so many people about religion and reality. Wars are being fought over religion in the name of “God”, in turn pitting religion against religion and lost in the illusion people on all sides claiming that their God is the one true God. This is absurd and a very dangerous situation. If the religions were following the actual teachings of the enlightened ones who they are so labeled after, then they would see what is being done is not only hypocritical but is completely out of touch with the true teachings.

It is important to remember that all religions were off shoots of the Esoteric knowledge, the secret doctrine. The teachings were and are taught in parables to the masses, taught in metaphors that have been taken as literal interpretations. The symbolism has been missed or misinterpreted or false meanings have been given on purpose to distract those on the search for truth. People have in turn been conditioned to accept that they are but only Human beings, creations of God and must work their lives to attain a place in heaven. And that while here on earth, most everything they do is a sin. They have been taught that to be born into the physical is a sin and that “sin” and evil have been accepted in the place of what it actually is, duality and polarity of being, in this material world. What is called separation from the source, from God.

Today people are taught that we are completely separate from the divine and that anything claiming otherwise is blasphemy and the work of the devil. To reiterate, The word occult actually means “hidden” knowledge, and there is good reason that the higher ups of the Church and society would want such a movement labeled as such. It is the wisdom and ancient secrets of healing, life and the divine that for so long was guarded and kept from the public eye. Yes, it has been perverted by ignorant people in the form of “devil” worship or black magic / Sorcery, but this is where the stigma has come from. Instead the masses have been controlled by the main church and government, not knowing these people are already aware of the truth they keep from the masses.

Fear plays a major role in this society of ours to keep people at bay, passive and ignorant. Instead of actually living in this world, society has been molded into a preoccupied submissive mass of consumers. Misguided and confused, apparently cut off from truth. For example, The word “Satan” in Hebrew means “to oppose”, and Lucifer in Aramaic/Latin means “bringer of light",But without researching this how would you know? You wouldn’t, after all these languages are not spoken as a majority and most people hold on to belief systems, not because they research and experience, but because of what they are told to believe through generations, eventually lies become accepted as truth and the illusion becomes heavy and almost inescapable.

This is the unfortunate event and fault of controlling and keeping hidden truth for so long. The Esoteric knowledge , with which comes great power and responsibility, has corrupted some wishing to keep it to themselves. This happened, instead of being strictly spiritual has moved into what is the political-social structure. In turn a populace buried so deep in the material illusion have been conditioned to not think for themselves and to accept at face value what is told, mostly without question. The average person is bombarded with so much information, full of distractions, that it is any wonder anyone would know where to look for truth. It is a sad state of affairs indeed, but it is correctable. The divine knowledge of our origins was intended for all, not for a self selected few to use the information in order to control others and for personal gain.

For Thousands of years the human spirit has been trying to awaken. For thousands of years we have fallen victim to the dogmatic control of others, to energy that has tried to control, to condition. In the face of all the old ways and paradigms, it is evident that the human species is beginning to see through the lies and the illusions. Each system is breaking down on its own. Less believable each day in the face of truth and love. The control that once was is no more. Enlightenment on the largest scale ever seen is occurring in the form of a world wide cosmic awakening. ESP, Meditation, Healing, Advances in Quantum Sciences and most of all the mystical experiences being had not by 1 or 1000 people, but billions on this earth are signs we are stepping through the threshold and into the light, into the new age of this planet. There is so much clearing occurring, each soul is and must go through a clearing process. We must each release all that which does not serve our highest good, feelings of resentment, Fear, we must Forgive all become ONE. We must overcome this duality and perceptions of what is wrong and what is right.

When we allow spirit, energy, consciousness to take over and become the observer, the soul looking out through this form we find ourselves in, we open ourselves up to experiences that can only be defined as truly mystical, spiritual. The I AM presence, the interconnectedness to all that is, begins to shine through and we are able to manifest reality and synchronicity in our lives. It is blasphemy what has been done thus far in human history, as far as organized religion and creating "God" in our image. It is nothing more than control over the minds of the masses. To make people believe that this mundane existence is all there is and to live by rules created in order to attain a place in this "heaven", not realizing this heaven is right in front of them all the time. We are ONE connected through ALL that is and ever will be. We are beings of intelligent consciousness, light and energy. We are ONE. We are in this physical form to create and co create. We are no more separate from God than we believe we are.

Now to some this will sound unbelievable and provocative. But think about it, take a look around and step back from this illusion we have been so conditioned to accept. We are taught we must Obey and conform without any real thought. We are conditioned to believe we are but mere human beings when in fact we are spiritual , energy beings in this 3D physical reality. We have fallen asleep and it is time to awaken. It is time to claim our destiny on this planet we call home and truly break free from the illusions we so blindly accept as truth. God is nature, energy, light. God is all. God is each one of us. All matter is nothing more than energy and we by our thoughts, our consciousness create this reality.

It is a shame that we have been slated to accept being asleep while thinking we are awake. It is time to rise up and breath in the air for the first time, to step from behind the veil and into truth. The most proclaimed prophets and beings of our history each said ALL are capable of what they attained. That to find truth we must go within. Not searching for God or truth outside of ourselves. Yet we have been convinced the latter is truth when in fact it is not. Look within and you will find the answers and truth you seek. Enough is enough of this mental slavery and ignorance. See past the material world of illusions and read between the lines. We are all capable of working "miracles", and all that which is labeled mystical. Do not give energy to thinking of what you do not want or need and stay focused on what you do want. On what is best for the highest good of all Spiritually. I AM THAT I AM. ONE, ETERNAL, INFINITE.

The greatest gift of all is to be alive and breathing. The ability to be in this hu-man form in the physical reality. It is but the greatest opportunity for spirit to experience and co create in this universe there is. When mind, body and spirit are ONE, there is no limit of creativity, love, healing and truth. But we became lost, we became confused and over 1000's of years we fell asleep. We forgot why we were here. We became preoccupied with the material world and we lost sight of truth, compassion and equality.

We forgot our divine origins and replaced them with storybooks full of hints and guidelines that shouldn’t be too hard to follow. And certain information was omitted or fabricated, this was not by accident. We separated ourselves, from our higher selves, from God and created a veil of illusions. It became a fight for energy, then we began destroying everything in our way for some purpose we could justify. Now we stand on the brink of this civilizations destiny. Ancient cultures such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, The Mayans, and Sumerians all grew very advanced in science, spirituality and technology. There are now only ruins left as clues to where we came from and where we are headed. Stories, myths, legends....pieces to a puzzle.

It is easy to become confused, but once you wake up, there is no off switch, you cant just forget it, you cant turn it off. It is completely evident what is happening to us, to our planet, to this universe. The NOW is all there is and ever will be. The past and future are illusions of time, memories, lessons....

Do we learn from the lessons or just keep hitting our heads? Pay attention to everything, read between the lines and really think for yourself, because when you tap into the collective consciousness you will realize we are all of ONE universal mind. There is no place for difference of any kind, for we are connected through all to all. I AM that I AM. Think of this, all that is out there is ONE organism, and we are functioning parts, vital parts to that whole.

If God is the beginning and the end, then God is EVERYTHING in-between. Everything that emanated from the original source are Extensions, reflections, creations, light and energy. Matter and Life. Each containing the original spirit within.

So this brings me back to the teachings of the Ancients. They created math, science and the calendar system, or it was taught to them. Their systems all aligned with the heavens and cosmos to exact precision, without the use of our technology. They were completely aware of the interplay of energy on themselves and their environment. And they we clearly advanced in energy and healing work. They knew what each plant was for. They were aware of star systems and other cosmology that they could not have known about without our telescopes and satellites. But in fact they did know. They were advanced in the ways of the abilities that have become dormant in our culture. Some of this is still seen in indigenous cultures, that only Shamans, Medicine Men, healers and adepts among others have tapped into. It is becoming prevalent in today’s culture, through multi Media, and other forms of communication that these abilities are very real and that we are all capable of them. It requires work, but the answers to the greatest challenges facing humanity are starring us in the face.

There is no denying when we open our minds and think for ourselves and truly allow our mind, body and soul to become one, through meditation, prayer, healing, whatever way a person chooses. And this is across the board, all faiths. It is non denominational, because it all leads back to ONE. The basic core truths can be found. The truth is contained in metaphors and guidelines within every page of every religious text. What was once deemed mystic is now becoming accepted as real, as truth, yet resistance do to programming of the mind is evident.

We each have a decision to make, and it is a personal one. We must choose what is in the best interest of the highest good of all life, all beings. We must not be clouded by mind control to accept the lesser of two evils. We must choose LOVE and TRUTH over all. There can be no more "collateral damage" in any form. We must look within and access the abilities that are inherent within us all. It is time to awaken the soul. It is time to move beyond what is expected, beyond merely Obeying without knowing. It is time for all to find common ground and truths. We must no longer participate in a system based on lies knowing the consequences are grave if we stand by and allow any other person to profit from death and corruption at all levels of society.

You have to remember this, life is about experiencing, creating and loving. Its not supposed to be about preoccupation with material objects, money and running the “rat race“. Somewhere along the line, out of building societies and civilizations, we fell asleep. The knowledge of the universe, our divinity and why we are really here became esoteric and forgotten.

As our species spread out across this vast world, we became distracted. Mostly those of us not in control of running the societies over time forgot about the very essence of why we exist. We fell into the mold of what was expected of us by others, we got jobs, got married, had families, worked to support them, while being force fed more products than you could possibly need. Spirituality became blurred and Religion became molded for an agenda and joined alliance with the political and corporate sponsors to dumb down the masses. To attempt to prevent what would occur on its own, an Awakening.

The soul fell second to the ego and we began to live as a society measured not by who you are but by how much you make or your social status. Too busy to ever slow down and contemplate the eluding questions of “why are we here” and “where are we going“. Separated into classes and labels as if we were the products being sold on the market of souls. Always being told to be #1 in a system built and perpetrated on lies. A mass consciousness polluted by the thinking of always being told to be better than other people instead of seeing each other as equals. Always a competition to acquire riches and wealth in place of attaining enlightenment and truth.

We all contributed to everything we are seeing happen in the 21st century. Over many lives and even this one. Sleep walking, once in a great while actually experiencing something more, a glimpse of what it all was meant to be. Thinking we were awake, passively taking part in this great mystery we call life. Always wondering , always knowing that something wasn’t quite right with the world around us. But most don’t really delve to deep, after all this entire planet has developed a serious case of A.D.D.

Some do awaken, to a notion, But barely ever seriously think for themselves and question the very foundation of why!? To most, the belief systems instilled and information about the worlds constant struggle, are not known from experience or research. They are known from being told what to believe, about life, war, religion, politics, and so forth. And most of the so called information available to research is misinformation led to give a false sense of knowing. We have been mass conditioned to accept this as “all there is” in life. If you think about it, you don’t even really have to think, there is always someone to tell you what to buy, what car to drive, where to eat, who to vote for, basically every single function of life.

We must question ourselves, what we have been taught and what we experience are important, we must become aware. No one the world over should be allowed, in any religion or any action, to take a “fundamentalist” and ideological stance that includes violence in any form. Allah, Jesus, Siddhartha, or any other religions do not condone what is being done in the name of those religions. The “fundamentalists” talk about the virtues of truth and equality, but they simply imply what they felt people needed to know about creation and God. It becomes such a hypocritical lifestyle, and is filled with more discrimination and violence than compassion.

This is the meaning of life. To create. To love and live in peace, truly free. Not a world with limitations dictated by others. But instead look at the world as a whole organism, every action affecting the whole. And the co dependant relationship essential for survival and abundance.

We find ourselves still facing the problems human kind has faced for the last few thousand years. Poverty, War, Hunger, and discrimination. We live in the great age of technology and science. Yet there is a big problem facing us in that aspect. Greed and corruption at the very levels dictating the way the world should be. A society Fueled more by profit than conscience by these companies and so called leaders of the world. There are very few world wide who are dedicated to peace no matter what. The people in control are dictating policies world wide, dictating how others should live and Obey their view of reality. This has proven to be a failed world view. One that no longer fits or serves the purpose of truth.

We are seeing a awakening and spiritual revolution, people world wide questioning the very structure and examining who seems to benefit the most from it. This is a time of critical thinking and we must always continue to push the envelope, even if that means questioning what we ourselves believe to be true. Remember this “lost” wisdom is known to those in high places, about consciousness and the effects it is having on our world. That everything, including the illusion of time is “speeding” up.

We see genetic engineering and a surveillance society we are heading to and they are sold as good and needed. When in fact it is only a new technological twist on control that has occurred in every society thus far. We are on the right track in that some are taking notice of what is right in front of us. This is part of the evolution of this planet, sleeping for so long, then awakening.

We are waking up as a species, as a planet. Take a look around at the effects we have had on this planet, the only way we will be able to survive and initiate change is if we expand our consciousness to accept what is best for the highest good of all, and not just the few. This planet can sustain us and we can all be abundant if we snap out of this self centered coma we find ourselves in and truly work at fixing the common problems facing us all. In turn we put the profit margin at our survival or we will fade away into history and the next civilizations may learn from the mistakes of the past that are disregarded. Is that not more valuable than a piece of paper with no true value to it? Is that not more valuable than anyone could ask for? Become pro active and do something to change things, to wake up those around you. To not compromise yourself or knowledge you hold. It will happen regardless, but wouldn’t you rather be part of the solution, than a passive observer? Remind yourself, Go into nature and really take it all in, breathe the air, feel the energy. There is no doubt, there are no coincidences, there are only illusions that seek to distract from the true Nature of all that is.

We have a choice to make, to build a world around the true virtues of humanity, peace, love, truth and honesty. We have the ability to heal not only ourselves, but our planet. We have a responsibility as the people, as the souls of the world to UNITE on the common issues and reject the system of mental slavery and the illusion of separation. We are all one, connected through the very fabric of consciousness and energy.

We can reclaim our divine origins and rise above the illusions of this 3D world. The path isn’t going to be easy, but there should be nothing to stop us from standing up for what is right and just. We can not sit around and accept anything less than equality and truth. We deserve it and we must demand it. We must work together to realize our true potential and not these false dreams that have been sold for so long. We must not be tricked or persuaded to become violent in any manner. Non Violence is the only way to achieve peace and not many have the courage to follow through. War and hatred only fuel more of the same, and there has been enough killing, not one day that we have had true peace.

We can no longer kill our own kind. Those who seek to cause and profit from violence and controlling people the world over must relent their control and those with good conscience within those organizations and governments the world over must step up and peacefully remove those in power who support such policy. It is clear to see where we are heading in a few short years if we do nothing. PEACE is the ONLY way.

Some call this “New Age” and say that Love is a great concept, but it is not possible. Well, with that line of thought, you have already defeated yourself. It is not in fact new age, it is the ancient, original esoteric knowledge. Do not all the great teachers, philosophers and spiritual leaders say that it is possible? Yet through the perversion and corruption of the original thought and teachings the masses have been convinced that what we are seeing and experiencing is just a way of life, “the way it has always been” attitude. This is the mindset that MUST be transcended. Doubt and fear are illusions of the mind. Each person must BE the change they wish to see.

It is time to rise up and accept our destiny, rather than let it be decided for us, by being told what we need or must do. Free will is something we all have and must become aware of. It is time in human history to take our place and reject the stereotypical labels placed on all of us. We are one people and must not allow to be put into classes or categories and labeled as different or less than any other.

It is time to become educated in truth and not this false reality we have become conditioned to. There is no place for ego. There is no place for superiority. We are all equal parts in the whole and its time we started treating each other and the world around us as such. The voices of the innocent, the voices of the silent must be heard and not this model of control. You are only controlled as much as you allow yourself to be.

The only limitations in life, are those we place on ourselves. No one else can make us do anything, even in the face of fear we have the choice. It is important, I cant express this in written word any stronger than, BE AWARE OF THE NOW. Be in the NOW at all times if possible, don’t get wrapped up in the past or what’s to come. The experience of being, of oneness, of the moment is something all can access. Everything is moving so fast these days it is sometimes hard to keep balanced. Remember, don’t fight against the energy, flow with it, detach and observe, instead of over analyzing the illusions.

Meditate, take walks in nature, communicate, don’t get frustrated by this material world. There is so much more right in front of us. It is all about learning to see through the illusion, with your minds eye, With your soul. It is time to experience love, life and freedom. Do not let things outside of yourself control you. Everything you need is within.

There is a long road ahead, the unexpected is expected. Prepared for anything, not getting tied up with the lessons of the past or the possibilities of the future, but learning to appreciate the now and what we can do. We have many things to work out in this world, and with the right mindset, not the pre emptive attack mode humanity has been stuck in, we will come to those solutions with time. There must be a common understanding that we all want the same things, to live, to be free.

There must be solutions to the greed and corruption that seems to take hold of the week minded and ignorant as well as those overwhelmed with greed. We can not be blinded by these trivial things any longer. We must learn to take care of what we have, because we have everything we need, and that needs to be spread equally among all people of this earth and not controlled. We must work towards the common goals of humanity so that we can sustain on this planet and bring in the true reality.

The truth does not fit on paper. It does not fit in a book or a movie. The truth is within us all, it is unspeakable, it is something that you know when you go within. We are at a very important time in this planets existence, and we all have choices to make. It is all about choosing love over fear in all instances. Together we can change the world and we will. Compassion must be what we use in all we do. Even in the most trying of tasks. The age old saying of do unto others.

There is so much static in the air in these strange days we find ourselves in, with every turn we make we are confronted with illusions. Break free from the mental chains that tie and bind us. Conformity is complacence. And there is no place, not in this lifetime, to be just one of the herd. Individuality is the essence of the soul. It allows us to reach beyond what we are told is possible. The chance to create new light and love in the place of a world so confused and preoccupied by the trivial things in life. And collectively we can change every single vibration around us.

There is no time to waste, because time does not exist. There is nothing to regret only lessons to be learned. We are interdimensional, light and energy, as is everything around us. We can search the world over for the answers to the riddle, when all we need is to look within. The simplicity of it all is mind numbing, when over analyzing seems the norm. It is all about flowing with it, like a river of mass consciousness we have the ability to shape and change reality. It is all about BEING in the moment, in the now.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the new movement of spirituality and awakening comes from uniformed people believing half truths (lies) without any real understanding. Skepticism is expected, after all it is human nature to question. The difference is knowing what you are skeptic about. Not pretending to know because someone told you or you read something somewhere or saw it on TV, but actually researching and pealing away the layers of illusion from the subject. By meditating on it. Actually experiencing what someone is talking about. Enlightenment if you will, but not in the sense that most people think of it. Enlightenment, Illumination is a constant state of being, not just some instance where one realizes something profound. Understanding that we are all part of the same living whole and applying it to everything we do.

It is not about the material, for when we open the spiritual side we have all we need on all levels and become abundant in all things, on all levels.

Of course the critics would say you have to work hard and do everything possible to get ahead if you want to make the kind of money to live comfortably. With more than 60% of the world living on under $2 a day and 2% of the population controlling 90% of the wealth, this is one of the many illusions that most are fooled into accepting. There are nearly 7 billion people in the world, in this age of technology and science and we are still “fighting” poverty, hunger and war. The human soul has been asleep for a very long time, and those more awake than others, instead of sharing the knowledge of what this society can become, exploit it at every possible take. All the while distracting you with more products and basing life on the materialistic to blind an entire world. Burying the spiritual in the ruins and dumbing down and putting to sleep the very essence of the human spirit.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

One of the biggest obstacles for all of us is our Ego. The Ego tries to rationalize and justify the material existence. It blinds us many times from the unseen and the true nature of the soul. Fear is the major catalyst in this, as the Ego is comfortable in what it knows and tries to stay grounded in the illusion many are so comfortable in. The leap of faith, into the realms of the unknown is something that changes everything, it lifts the first layers of illusion away and the world we once thought we were so sure of becomes almost unknown. Being reborn through truth, awakened and aware from the slumber we thought we were awake in.

The most enlightened minds of our time tried to awaken humanity to its true purpose. Jesus, The Buddha, Edgar Cayce, Mohammad, The Dali Lamma, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, and so many others have tried so desperately to show us what we were missing out on, and what was possible. Teaching that love and peace are the only true way, that we are capable of miracles when we open our hearts and minds to the divine and embrace our destiny. Many of these great minds were jailed or murdered for their views. And those in control put on a show and call it a great tragedy, even though they are the ones who orchestrated the outcome. And to counter this is the organized structure of religion and government that has preached peace and equality while hypocritically waging wars and oppressing people all in the name of freedom and justice. Again history repeats, the faces change, yet the money and drive for power remains the same.

Created differences between us all in order to justify a reason for the actions taken to “resolve” the issues we are slated to accept. All using fear in order to complete these inhumane agendas that do not in fact benefit the many, instead they only benefit the few. Keeping the mass populace blinded by forcing a lifestyle of pop culture cancer with very few alternatives. This occurs in every nation by those who choose to keep their secrets to themselves.

Creating wars for profit and creating even more distractions to make themselves seem like they are needed. To keep people down as far as they can from ever knowing the truth about where we come from and where we are headed? Each one of us contains the entire truth, locked away, forgotten over centuries of conditioning. And we keep coming back, over and over, more and more to see the same problems facing us all, in a world with enough abundance to go around.

We are all ONE. There are no differences, only Ego and Fear. Illusions in place to distract and conceal intentions that are meant to provide results to those in control. Leaders and Big Corporate sponsors of the “free” world in the 21st century, enslaving and keeping ignorant the many. There are few who even dare to stand up and speak their minds. In this day and age where it is considered dangerous thinking to do so. The status quo is an imaginary and rhetorical standard set to keep people thinking they need what the advertisers and leaders tell them. An entire planet is waking up, realizing the huge potential within us and seeing through the illusions of this 3D physical life. A life that is meant to experience, to create, to truly live in Harmony on this planet that sustains us.

It is obvious why for so long, and continuing today the mind control game is on, because when people wake up, there is no control in terms of keeping people ignorant. There is no discrimination, hate, and there is complete Tolerance for ones personal beliefs, because all attain the realization of ONE. The respect for one another that demands us to stop this immature and blind way of life we take for granted. This physical life is merely a shell for us to experience, and the collective is shifting frequencies. There is no place for violence any longer. There is no place for Ego and arrogant ways.

All the secrets of truth, of God, of life can be found by looking within. The keys are staring us all in the face, wondering why we do not recognize them. It is the most pivotal point in human history and it is time to remember. It is time to take a stand on the real issues. It is time to demand equal human rights for all without exception to race, religion, creed to sex. It is time to start living by the words of the ascended masters, the true teachings of the illumined and enlightened ones and truly awaken to the law of ONE and protect and respect this planet, each other and the universe. Because the universe gives what we ask of it.

No matter what path we are on, we must realize we are all trying to get to the same place and we need each other for that. Greed is no longer an option. The only option is peace and truth for ALL. We must each BE the change we want to see in others. And not be afraid in the face of that which is not for the higher good of all.

To most, they forget we live on a planet surrounded by a million other galaxies. Floating in this universe of ours. Completely unaware of the truly divine knowledge right in front of our eyes. Paying no attention to what appear to be nothing more than coincidences and chance happenings in their lives. The fleeting notions urging the soul to awaken and remember. To read between the lines and see the truth in plain site. This change begins, not by trying to change others, but by awakening ourselves, to see the inner truths within our own soul. To embrace the truth that we are connected to everything, that we are a part of the whole, macrocosm that is this universe. This false reality that we perceive is nothing more than an illusion to make people think this is all there is.

There are so many distractions in place to keep people so divided they cant even agree on basic human rights or issues. Created differences between people to pollute the collective consciousness. There are NO difference between us. We are all ONE, here on this planet for the same reason. To look within is the way to truth. We must look within and realize that we are the same, and that this tired routine of war, discrimination and hatred must come to an end. That we are all spiritual beings on this planet to experience peace and love and not this force-fed lifestyle of accepting the lesser evil as a substitute.

There is so much being done to raise the vibrations of this planet. Critical mass has already occurred world wide. With that the increase in mind control trying to keep people confused enough to miss the big picture. The best thing we can do is continue to project love energy onto this planet and ALL its inhabitants, even those who appear to be the ones resisting and controlling this false reality. They to ill see the light eventually, there is no avoiding it. Study the Mayan Calendar, study the Esoteric, Look within and find truth in the heart.

The ancient knowledge that is inspiring the awakening of earth is no accident. Nothing in the universe is an accident. From the Universe, intelligent consciousness, the source of all flowing energy resonates through every fractal of every being, and every object. It is important to remember this, and to clear your mind of all conditioned responses. The same energy that always has been and always will be, manifested into physical form, planets, the sun, nature, animals, and intelligent beings. The very fabric of the universe combined with consciousness resides within each of you.

The laws of the universe apply to everything within the universe. Nothing is separate, everything connected. When you cut of that energy, you cut your physical body off from the very thing it needs to survive. Take a tree for example, if you kill the roots it will sicken and die. This is the same law with our physical bodies. Being open and aware of this energy, these frequencies enable one to feel truly alive. It allows us to truly awaken and remember the knowledge imprinted into our DNA and fully participate in the universe as we intended when we consciously decided to incarnate into this realm, to experience.

If you are always worrying about the burdens of life and always thinking about what is weighing you down, those thoughts manifest into more of the same. The key is the here and NOW. The I AM aspect of knowledge. If you open your mind and not allow the burdens to be in the forefront and instead raise your vibrations and thought patterns to a positive outlook and concentrate on what you need instead you will notice the manifestations.

Our energy attracts what we are thinking about the most. If you do not think it is so, take a look around, are you surrounded by positive energy, or are you caught up in the struggle of dramas in your life? If you are caught up in the dramas then your energy will attract more drama. It is important to understand, for thousands of years the mass populace has been kept in the dark about much knowledge. To preoccupied by work and other things to keep you busy, so that you never have any real time to contemplate things. Only when things begin to get so bad do people then start looking to see what the issue is. The key is
to awaken and to realize the truth. You are NOT human beings having a spiritual or meaningless experience; you are all Spiritual Beings having a human existence.

The Universe does not discriminate. The Universe gives us exactly what we ask it. Our consciousness does not sleep, it does not cut corners, and it is direct. The energy interacts with other energy on the same frequency. Remember you have electricity in your brains and bodies. It is no accident. Many are aware and sharing the pieces to the universal puzzle in order to bring in energies that are affecting everything around you. The key is to pay attention, carefully choose what you give your energy to and radiate as much positive energy as possible. Remember things are only as bad as you think they are. Much can be changed by thought, by ideas, by energy as this is what in turn manifest energy into the physical. It is up to each person to realize this and apply it. You are all responsible for your every emotion and action. You manifest the reaction to every situation. The knowledge to life, to the universe is realizing that you are energy, that you are one with all in the universe and that you can change the things in life, in the world.

All disease manifest first in your energy and light bodies because of stress and impurities in the environment. This is the knowledge healers have known since the beginning and now modern medicine is beginning to recognize this as reality. When you subject the body and energy bodies to stress then disease and injury manifest. You each have the ability to heal yourself. Your body can regenerate and repair itself, if aligned with the universal energy. They key is to remain positive and intention in that you are healed and can heal yourself. When you realize the truth and awaken you will no longer be victim to your own perpetual cycle and be able to balance your energy and become free. It is happening whether you believe it or not. The knowledge is right there in front of you at all times, waiting for you to become one with it and become who you truly are. Reality is what you make it, it is infinite in possibilities and abundant for all. The knowledge is infinite. This is what modern medicine and science is missing, the Esoteric, the Spiritual aspect, that when discovered, will be mind numbing to the simplicity of it all.

Each day is a new day, a chance to change, a chance to learn and grow. Each day is a new beginning, a new chance to wake up and experience life in all its beauty. There is so much change happening in this world that many are so distracted they feel lost and do not know which direction to move. We are each responsible for our own emotions, actions and feelings. And it is key we each claim responsibility for ourselves and all our choices.

It is a choice how we react to a situation and how we will live our life. Your Job, your bills, your surface appearance does not make the person you are. To many fall into this role, and feel trapped and grow frustrated. We are all one, every action we make affects the world we live in. Every time we hurt each other or nature we hurt ourselves. We all
have the choice to use love over fear in every situation we face. Once we realize our true nature and our roles in this world we are able to gain control of life. To say that something doesn’t affect you personally, for example, war, global warming, the struggle of poorer nations, or that it doesn’t matter because the impacts wont be felt for another 30, 50 or 100 years is ignorant and closed minded. In the here and NOW we must come to the universal realization that we are all connected and everything that is going on in our world, is being affected by our actions. And we have the ability to change it.

The looking glass is there if we choose to see, to learn to truly see, with our hearts. It is there if we choose to open our minds eye and accept our destiny. The truth is not always as easy as we would like, it is the equivalent of taking the red pill or the blue pill, of realizing this world we live in is a matrix of energy. When we choose to drop the games and see through the illusions of this world, the truth is the only way. Remember, the entire planet is going through changes, we are all in this together. There is no place for ignorance, hatred or greed. There is work to be done here and we need to help each other, at all times, even when we may tend to disagree. Learn to see, feel and make decisions with your heart, for the benefit of all.

It is beyond time that the truth be made known to every person, that the ancient secrets about life, healing, energy and the reasons we are here are made available to all who seek to know. The source resonates through ALL life, through all physical and unseen manifestations. We are in fact all reflections of the source in action. We have come back to this physical dimension of reality to experience emotions, feelings, and life. So many spend their lives searching for and hoping to attain their spot in heaven, while so conflicted that they doubt themselves and are blinded by a life of false hopes and dreams. When we learn to detach and separate ourselves from the systematic control model and actually think for ourselves we see that everything is so much different than what we are taught to accept and are then able to live our life as the beings of light and energy that we are.

There is so much more available to us when we do what we came here to do in the first place, and actually wake up and break free from the illusions placed in our minds.
We are now at the most vital point in human history, so many across this planet have realized these truths and are in place to bring them into the forefront of all that is, so that we may reshape this world of ours. So many have awakened to their roles that we have reached critical mass and are literally changing the vibrations around us to the point it is now affecting everyone and everything on this Earth. It is no surprise that this is being resisted and fought by others. The thing to remember is this, Fear is an illusion, no matter what the situation we all have the choice and the chance to wake up and choose love over fear. We are here to bring in the prophesied age that has been talked about in every religious and spiritual teachings up to this point. Remember, we may all be going about our lives in different ways, but in reality we are all doing the same thing. So no matter what your personal belief system, remember that it is your choice on which path you take.

It is your choice to question, change, and do what is right for ALL. To stop the victimization and to rise above the stagnant energy patterns.

As we learn more about ourselves and how this reality of the metaphysical and mystical works, we learn that we can manifest our needs and wants into the physical plane. No longer just thoughts, but we create and attract what we desire. If you think negative thoughts all the time and wonder why nothing good ever happens, that in and of itself should speak to you. When you don’t try and force things to happen, when you ride the waves of consciousness, in tune and aware of everything around you, the unseen and the energies support you. Instead of fighting the energies as we all do from time to time, it is important to just let go. When you detach yourself from becoming involved in other's dramas and allow the I AM or higher self to guide you through each moment. And learn to be non judgmental and approach all with compassion and understanding. It is not an easy task and takes much practice, it is doing in every instance and learning from mistakes.

Another thing is this, a lot of the old ways you once had, before awakening and walking the true path of life, fades away and becomes unimportant. Old belief systems, habits, things that weighed you down in the past, do not serve a purpose anymore and must be allowed to shed away. It is also careful to watch your thinking and be able to recognize why certain thoughts are coming up. Especially when you begin to raise your energy and the coincidences begin to happen at higher rates. Staying positive and grounded is a key element to maintaining your current level and to learning and absorbing more information and knowledge.

It takes time, but through meditation and a conscious effort each day to recognize the signs and pay attention it pays off. In the most rewarding of ways. It makes you Free. You are no longer restrained to the illusions and distractions placed in front of you. You are no longer restricted to the 3D and are free to interact with other dimensions of REALITY. You can interact with all because you are free to see and feel with your heart, you are able to KNOW. You are able to contribute on another level unknown to most. The truth is written on the walls, can you follow directions?

As we learn more about the awakening and really start to become who we truly are, we begin to recognize that in reality there are no regrets or mistakes, only lessons. We are all souls at different stages of the life process. As we grow and become more aware of ourselves and embrace the awakening and shed our old belief systems we must all work through certain issues on our own. We are all going through these changes; we are all going through the same thing in our own way. This is something we must all remember. The longer we hold onto bad memories, emotions and negative energy relating to past events we have gone through, the more this creates a block in our energy flow.

These blocks, even though we appear to be moving forward still need to be resolved, "let go" of. We all deal with this on a regular basis. We are all shedding old skin, and old theories, beliefs and ways of life. This process is eternal. It is constant, with no beginning and no end. It is an infinite flow of universal energy, adapting and converting so we may use the energy in the best way possible. As we learn more about how to access our abilities and energy flow, it is important to be as balanced as possible. That means releasing the old stagnant energy of the past and breathing in new life, new energy that we need in order to fully become the spiritual beings that we are. Negativity affects us all everyday; we are all vulnerable to it, and even the best adapted have to be on the watch, to be aware so it does not interfere. This is why meditation, compassion and forgiveness are a few of the most important aspects we must try and maintain at all times.

We must learn to truly have universal tolerance for each other so that we do not judge or make rash decisions. We must remember we are all at different levels of this journey and those of us who are coming into our own, must remember this at all times. We have all been through different experiences, but in the end we have all been through the same, it is all relative. And this means we must keep our minds opened, so that we can embrace the positive energy we depend on and not let the negative vibrations affect us. Every one of us, regardless of race, creed, sex, color, religion, spiritual belief or any other programmed "difference", are equal. We are all relying on the exact same universal energy that flows throughout to infinity.

We are ONE and we are the same. Regardless of the labels and differences on the surface.

As all the new energies are coming in, everyone around us is being affected, if you don’t realize it yet, take a look around. Everyone seems to be shaken and questioning, pay attention and you can feel it in the air. For those who are already aware of what is happening, it is important to perfect our abilities so that we can be better prepared to adjust to the changes. It really is sublime, when you take a minute to detach from what is going on to know we are on the verge of the most divine experiences of our lives. Destiny. That breathe of fresh air when Fear becomes the illusion that it is and we are free to manifest this reality in ways we could only have imagined. While Science looks for answers under the microscope, as Math attempts to build the next equation of how the universe works, as politics reveals itself for the failed system it is we can stand in peace of mind, knowing we are beginning to experience what society is trying to figure out, the age old question of Why, and How.

Do not be fooled by the misleading and intentional brainwashing that has been fed to the entire world. The reason is clear. If the masses become aware of the truth of the secrets kept for so long, there will be no need for any of the violence, greed, slavery, exploitation or jealousy that is inherently programmed into the human psyche. There will be changes on this planet , pay attention. The earth, the universe is shifting. Pay attention. Re learn how to tap into your intuition, you can sense it. It is time to raise your vibrations to that of love, compassion and peace. You will continue to see earth changes, nature patterns emerge at a higher rate. There will be many changes to continue on the road to 2012. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled into thinking that this is not so. Mother earth is cleansing herself of the negative energy that has been building up for aeons and is now raising those vibrations to that of the light. Truth is the only path.

The reality of it all is that We are evolving mentally, spiritually, and consciously. In other words we are growing, getting stronger, manifesting this reality as we create it, just as is supposed to happen. The universe is one entire organism, which consciousness is the catalyst.

Expand your minds and hearts to see through the veil. Or choose to disregard this as wild speculation, either way, in the end, we will all realize truth.

Love & Light


Anonymous said...

Thank US for our 1ness is complete.

Awakened1 said...

When the old ways are remembered and shown to the masses it is going to be something else indeed

Dani said...

Always looking for others out there! Thanks for your insight. Hope to hear more from you!


Anonymous said...

wow... Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we're living in the Matrix? Always felt there is something more out there, just having trouble opening the curtain.

Awakened1 said...

Always choose the red pill...... :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with the vast majority of what you express here. There is one item I disagree with however and that is that you claim there is "No difference" between us. We are all very very different physically and in some ways, mentally. Our genes, environment, childhood, adulthood, and the NOW shaped us and continue to shape us into who we are. Where there is no difference is the way we feel. We all feel the same emotions, anger, love, lust, pleasure, pain. Am I interpreting this correctly?

Awakened1 said...

The physical illusion is what allows us to percieve the "individual" differences, yes we all have our own unique experiences that build our character in this are correct, I meant to refer to the spirit, the consciousness, that we are all ONE, and when we rise above the materiality and pierce the veil through illumination / enlightenment that these differences are really only perceptions based on being in the physical, percieved by the 5 material senses. Good interpretation, thanks for pointing it out, I like this kind of feed back!


Forty-Two said...

You might enjoy my poems and songs. I'm more about love causing enlightenment. I think you might think the same thing.

Forty-Two said...

A Riddle
Poems of love
You have plenty
My eternal love
You have
Thought I'd change lanes
And ask you a riddle
When is one and one equal to one
The answer is the same as
When a googleplex to the power of a googleplex equals one
A googleplex is a very very large number
The answer
When one is infinite
Like us
And everybody else
We are separate
But we are one
A new baby
Knows it is one
With the universe
As it grows
It becomes separate
Your love has made me realize
I am both one
And infinite
Like everybody else
But the infinite has given me a voice
That I share with you
And the infinite

Anonymous said...

thanks Mike for the clarification, I agree with you. I know that the truth is within and we all just need to awaken and discover it. the universe does seem to me to be speeding up faster and faster. I have purposely filtered out much of the static such as Fox News etc so I can focus on awareness and personal discovery and finding my/our truth. Love your site, its amazing! I am involved in the Milwaukee Mindfulness Center which offers teachings on Buddhism. It is a meditation facility open to all. Thanks for your words of wisdom as well......

Awakened1 said...

Thank you for the poetry Forty-Two! and thank you "Anonymous" for the comments, I appreciate the Buddhist teachings very much, they have influenced me on this path, very important indeed


Anonymous said...

My name is steamer, I am from Milwaukee Wis. I love your site, Its very inspirational to me. I just want to say that there is no turning back to my old ways after having discovered a new awakening. I will never look at the world in the same way. My old habitual patterns seem to be dropping off and I pay less and less attention to them. What is even more remarkable is that I feel I have found a new level of "happiness" by just being...... I am not materialistic like many and value a fresh pure snowfall, a nice fire, a glass of wine after a sauna. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

Spirite said...

oness can only be total when one understands being.

melanie said...

can i ask an honest question? I reconise the light within others, but have trouble recognising it as in me, and my ego fights me to where i am faced for the third time in my life with very painful eye opening karma:) I see karma as a truly loving impersonal universal law with no punishment but i sure beat myself up alot. can you please share your words of widsom in how to let a biggie go? just when i feel i cant take anymore, more comes at me. i am having trouble with emotional attachment and all my troubles stem from this.
thank you!

Awakened1 said...


Send me an email

Hope to talk soon